AI: The top 12 take on the Stones

I’m at home feeling fairly sickly and really liked the bulleted, shortened review of AI I did last week, so you’re getting it again.

Because honestly, my sinuses are attacking my brain and it isn’t pretty. I may have a fever. I may not make ANY sense. And you’re just along for the ride!

After a weird intro and Katie wearing a glorified floral tutu with a belt, a long video package with the Rolling Stones (who doesn’t know who they are?), Ryan gets the show on the road.

Michael Lynche “Miss You”
• I hate falsetto, I think • He knows how to perform and sell the performance, but enunciation still needs work • He does weird things with his feet/legs while performing • Good performance, but still not it for me
Judges: R: great performer; E: what’s not to love?; K: (why does she use past tense when talking about the Stones? They’re still touring.) Hot; S: performance at times, particularly dancing was kind of corny

Didi Benami “Play with Fire”
• Looks beautiful • Oh, don’t use the stairs! Overdone! • It’s weird to hear a woman singing the Stones. Or maybe that’s just me. • Vocals good and she’s selling the vibe of the song • Big vocal moment wasn’t that big • Kept wanting the song to do something, go somewhere.
Judges: R: “On fire tonight”; E: amazing voice; K: pushed vocals, but had intensity; S: beginning to show the kind of artist you want to be, cool song choice, solid not brilliant

Casey James “It’s All Over Now”
• Hair is down! Yay! • His hair is too pretty • He’s making this a kind of country/rock song • Smiles the whole time. . . • Nice vocals to show off the gravel in his voice
Judges: R: back to the Casey that I love; E: fantastic; K: tonight you were a rock star; S: like an audition performance; time to do something incredible.

Lacey Brown “Ruby Tuesday”
• I like her parents • What is she wearing? • I sort of wish this was a little faster • Don’t sit down! • Second half of song is better than first • She is really good at makeup • Could have used more “star power”
Judges: R: interesting arrangement, pleasantly surprised; E: sat down in a weird place, a little sleepy; K: 50/50, voice is great but some pitch problems; S: perform like an actress; stop overthinking.

Andrew Garcia “Gimme Shelter”
• His video package made me cry. I blame the headache • I want him to do well and prove to me why he’s here • chorus is good • Nice move, picking up the mic stand • His best performance in weeks, at least since Hollywood.
Judges: R: love song, love you, but it was pitchy; E: best performance yet; K: didn’t feel the connection between singer and song; S: in the middle, probably better in rehearsals than tonight.

Katie Stevens “Wild Horses”
• Katie chose this song because it “speaks” to her • she’s unsure on the lead singer’s name. . . • hate, hate, hate the dress, esp. on the stool • it still feels a little weird, because I don’t know that she gets this is a love song • Good performance, one of her best in awhile.
Judges: R: sang it really well, strong performance; E: started pitchy, but fixed it after got into it; K: never technically perfect but made nice variations on melody; S: clever song choice, didn’t like second half of arrangement.

Tim Urban “Under My Thumb”
• he actually sounds good • with Tim, this song becomes kind of folksy/reggae • I’m not sure how I feel about the arrangement • best vocals he’s had all season • I think he listens to a lot of Jason Mraz • weird ending
Judges: R: didn’t get that; E: sounded great, but it wasn’t a big wow moment; K: good job for doing something so incredibly different with the song; S: good job doing something different, but it didn’t work.

Siobhan Magnus “Paint It Black”
• Oh the stairs are red and all dramatic! • why so slow, Siobhan? • little bit of a pitch problem • I feel like the sound is off or that she can’t hear herself • love her dress • nice control, but the screaming scared me • made my head hurt worse • overall, a weird, part genius performance.
Judges: R: that was hot!; E: you rise above; K: best interpretation tonight; S: stand out performance of the night

Lee Dewyze “Beast of Burden”
• Lee looks nice tonight • I have a few problems with the enunciation in the first part of the song • I like that Lee always makes a song his own • Nice, folksy, singer/songwriter feel • seems to be having fun • Nice performance
Judges: R: singer/songwriter feel, dope; E: great, expected a little more though; K: getting better every week; S: likes Lee as a person, but Lee doesn’t shine despite his incredibly good voice.

Paige Miles “Honky Tonk Woman”
• Paige has beautiful eyes • enunciation still a problem with her • seems to be having fun • very confident • hate her outfit • good performance, not completely in love with the vocals; there’s just something that’s not on for me
Judges: R: did alright with it; E: loved that she used the stage; K: hit some big notes, but got lost a little; S: a little bit generic; haven’t quite connected yet (agreed, Simon, agreed)

Aaron Kelly “Angie”
• His mom’s name is Kelly Kelly! • his mom cries in the interview and I almost do, too. I need to go to bed • Oh, good grief! How many people are going to use the sitting on the steps thing? • I hate the way he’s saying Angie • little bit of vibrato and enunciation issues • his hair is weird tonight • weird movements on stage, strange shirt • good vocals for the most part • like the emotion in the performance
Judges: R: hot; E: great song choice; K: good connection with song; S: chose the right song and a strong performance

Crystal Bowersox “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
• I love it when daddies cry when they talk about loving their daughters • I love that she doesn’t change the lyrics from “her” to “him” • restrained, then she pulls in the bluesy, power voice • I’d love to hear some of Crystal’s original stuff • good performance
Judges: R: not best performance, but didn’t disappoint (agreed); E: agrees, and likes the personality; K: agrees with Ellen, so comfortable on stage; S: needed a more dramatic song and was beaten by Siobhan (am I the only one who didn’t love Siobhan?)

Going home: Paige, maybe (she’s kind of forgettable); Lacey, maybe; possibly Tim Urban

Best of the night: Siobhan, Aaron Kelly, Crystal Bowersox


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