Weekend in Rewind

Last year, when I wrote this piece, I called it “In my dreams.” In case you don’t know, if I remember my dream, it’s always something completely absurd. So, enjoy this week’s “Weekend in Rewind” while I enjoy a weekend in Missouri with the family. . . and of course, the Nephew.

Sometimes, I post about my dreams on here. You know, when they’ve been particularly weird. Like here, here, and here.

Well, last night, I dreamed that my friend Brandy and I were running some sort of race together. It was like a 10K and it was in . . . wait for it . . .Russia. I know this because in the middle of the dream and the race, Brandy and I, who really weren’t running very fast and were almost walking, stopped in at a bakery or something and had a whole conversation about the rubles and coins. We sat in said bakery and enjoyed some baked goods and coffee, it seems, then went out and finished the last two miles of our race.

There was also this moment when we looked at our times, which were exactly the same because we did the entire race together. We had finished in 16 hours. 16 HOURS! And seemed fairly happy with that. The best part? There were still people finishing behind us!

I think this dream was fueled by my recent lack of running or exercise of any kind, a story I read involving a run to a Krispy Kreme followed by eating of donuts and drinking of coffee then a return run, and the fact that a marathon/run of sorts was happening in downtown Memphis on Saturday morning.

Whatever the cause, the dream was still weird. Though, I do like the idea of interrupting a run to eat baked goods. It’s just I’m not sure running after that would be such a good idea!


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