Ah. It’s Friday. The day we’ve all been waiting for. Well me, at least.

Who’s ready for some “Dispatches”? Excited?!

Of course you are! And before you can tell me otherwise, I’m just going to get thing started.

• I was really surprised with how the Top 12 turned out on American Idol last night. Good-bye to Alex and Lilly (who I didn’t really like, but I figured America did. Maybe her hair freaked people out). I was also really surprised that Andrew and Paige got in, especially after I basically threw them both to the wolves after this week’s performances and predicted they’d be going home. But I was wrong and Katelyn will be going home and so will Todrick, the only non-surprise of the night for me. I really wasn’t paying a lot of attention during the results show, so I had to go rewind a couple times to see who had gone home. And the whole Matt Girard performing on dueling pianos with Scott McIntyre was weird for me. I like them both, but it was weird.

• My other Thursday night TV show is “Project Runway,” (which I just typed as “Project Rumway” which could make things even more interesting, come to think of it). Anyway, there was some craziness happening on there last night. One girl made a shirt/dress thing with a big, standy up neck that she stuffed all the model’s hair into. The judges were like, “Why would you give your model a hairy chest?” And I laughed and laughed and laughed. And agreed. Why?

• This week has been a big week for the big conferences in NCAA basketball. My Missouri Tigers went to KC for the Big 12 tournament and lost in the first round to Nebraska. NEBRASKA! The Cornhuskers! It was terrible. Now is not the time to lose momentum. I always look for teams who are on fire and playing really well going into the tournament when I’m doing my brackets and sadly, it appears Mizzou will not be one of them. I think they’ll be in the tournament, but their performance this past week probably hurt their ranking and could hurt them in the first round if they can’t pull it together and play with passion.

• Yesterday, I wanted to curse the SEC and many of its fans. I had an off-site meeting all morning that lasted through lunch. When we came back to work, all of the stoplights on Broadway were flashing yellow, meaning getting a light to turn onto 10th Ave was next to impossible. Today, Kentucky plays, so the Blue Mist will be descending soon. Good thing I brought my lunch.

• I bought tickets through a presale for the Swell Season’s show at the Ryman in May. I have sixth row seats. At the Ryman. I am beyond excited.

• I’m going to Missouri this weekend to see the family. It appears we’ll be going to Poplar Bluff on Saturday to watch my high school’s varsity team play in regionals or something. If they win, they’ll go to state. So, go Mules! (Yes, my high school mascot is the mule. Deal with it.)

That’s all for today. Have a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. The Mules are playing basketball. My brother was forming a plan yesterday to make me a cheerleading uniform. I told him no one wanted to see that.

    Mizzou lost in the first round, too. It was DEPRESSING. . . so I understand how you feel. 🙂

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