Dispatches: The dog edition

Hey, guys! Muffin here. (BTW, like my picture? I think it’s awesome. Like me.)

I’m guessing that you’ve figured out from this post that I did eventually make it back to my Nashville home. And seeing that Mandy is kind of busy doing. . . .something, I told her I’d take care of this week’s “Dispatches” post. She’s off at the Work place, whatever that is. I mean, she spends like 8 hours a day there! And here I am, stuck at home, where she thinks I just sleep. Ha! What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!

Anyway, I’m sure you guys missed “Dispatches” this week. With all that “American Idol” coverage Mandy did, she couldn’t post “Dispatches” on the regular day (Wednesday). Just so you know, Mandy told me that “Dispatches” will move to Fridays for about the next month, then to Thursdays after Idol narrows down the competition to the top 12.

Ready for my first “Dispatches” post? Let’s go!

• My person, Mandy, isn’t a big politically minded person, but I heard her yelling at the TV this morning. I think it was coverage of that whole health care summit thing that happened yesterday. (And you thought I didn’t know anything about current events! I’ll show you when I overtake the world!) Anyway, it’s not that weird for Mandy to talk back to the TV, but today she was saying things like: “What’s the point of having this summit if you’re not going to listen to each other? If you go in refusing to compromise and change anything, what is the point? How much tax payer money did this meeting cost? Was this about PR and not about actually finding a solution that works?”

• Mandy has also been watching a lot of American Idol. I have to be honest, AI is boring to me. I like singing; I listen to Mandy sing all the time, but AI just causes me to hop up in my favorite chair, snuggle into my favorite throw blanket, and take a pre-going to bed nap. But I do know who got kicked off last night: Janell, Ashley, Joe, and Tyler. I know Mandy really wished Haeley was going home and was a bit surprised about Joe, but it’s just a TV show. Sheesh.

• I’m really mad at Mandy about how often she’s been gone these last few weeks. It’s like every night she has somewhere to be. And she’s been spending most Saturdays down at her church in a gym teaching little girls about cheerleading. And she comes home smelling like CHILDREN! I’m not even sure what children really are, but I’m certainly not their biggest fan. But I think Mandy said tomorrow is the last Upward game, so I’m hoping we get our lazy Saturday mornings back. I may not act like it, but I like those.

• My person has decided suddenly to become very mean to me and won’t feed me people food anymore. She says I can’t have it. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Following her around softly crying. Big puppy dog eyes full of want and sadness. Barking. Sitting right next to her when she is eating. And NOTHING! She just says that the vet says I can’t have people food anymore. And she feeds me this really bland diet of dog food and some veterinary brand canned dog food. I mean, really? I get sick with this digusting gastroentestinal thing about 4 times and this is what she does to me? Oh, well. I still have my treats. Some of them anyway. My hope hasn’t gone away that she won’t change her mind, but she seems rather resolute this time. Boo.

Well, I guess I better get back to my morning activities of sleeping and wandering around the kitchen. I think in a bit, I’ll stretch and get me a big drink of water. Then, I might sleep on my back for a bit. Big day!


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