Today, I saw the sun. The sun. I squinted my eyes because of brightness and discovered that the elusive sun had returned to Middle Tennessee. This, my friends, has been a rare occurence of late and deserves some celebration. Which obviously comes in the form of “Dispatches.”

Settle down, now. I know you’re excited too, but you’re going to have control yourselves.

Let’s get on with the show!

• Last night, some people from my life group at church did a popcorn and movie night for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald house. Basically only about 2 kids stayed with us for most of the movie, but still, that was an hour or so that those parents didn’t have to worry about their kids. If you want to get your disappointments, stress, sadness, or worries in perspective, go to a Ronald McDonald house and serve the people there. They are dealing with so many burdens that will make yours seem petty. Which honestly, sometimes mine most certainly are.

• The movie we watched was “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” Is it really weird that I really, really, really liked that movie? It made me laugh out loud. STEVE!

• I’ve been asked a couple of times by a couple of different people if I plan to blog about “American Idol” once the actual competition gets started. The answer is yes. But do know this: I have Bible study on Tuesday nights for awhile more and I’ll have to watch and review after that. And seeing that our Bible study sometimes wanders greatly and seems to have no time limit, by the time I get to reviewing AI and writing, I may be incoherent. But I think that will only add to the charm! I know AI has changed and I’m still not sure about the new judge line-up, even though I think Ellen is hilarious. And while AI may not really be about picking a singer all of America can unite behind anymore, I still love the singing and the competition aspect. So, I’ll be watching and reviewing. (And don’t get me started on the whole “picking a singer all of America can unite behind” thing. I don’t think it’s possible, not with the way we buy music now and the whole indie/underground aspect of music, and the individuality that currently defines the music industry. . . my point is I don’t think there is ever going to be one voice that defines American music ever again. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching AI. Unless Simon leaves. . . then I probably will.)

• Today is Ash Wednesday. While I didn’t grow up in a tradition that marked the liturgical calendar, I’ve loved the concept of Lent ever since I really understood what it was about. I’ve given up things for Lent before and am making a commitment to do something this year, but I’m not announcing it to the world. I have read numerous tweets from people about what they’re fasting from for Lent, and something about that hits me all wrong. The point of fasting at any time is to give up something so you can better focus on Christ, who He is, and what He wants to do with your life. At Lent, the fasting is focused on preparing yourself for Easter and the power of the resurrection. And we’re told specifically in Scripture that when we fast, to keep it to ourselves, not to go around downtrodden and despairing because you miss what you’ve given up, or to brag about what we’ve given up or our own willpower. I don’t really think any of the tweets I’ve seen did that, but still, fasting is something between you and the Lord. You don’t need to broadcast it. I think Jesus instructed us to fast in this way, not because He needs it, but because it teaches us something about Him and by not broadcasting it, we learn humility, just as He displayed it when He was here.

• The purple velvet jacket rocked the photo shoot yesterday. I didn’t see the picture the photographers referred to as “the one,” but a coworker saw it and has told me numerous times how good it is. I hope she wasn’t just trying to make me feel good!

Well, much is happening today. I’m getting a haircut after work, then choir, then hanging with Mindy and Rachel. (And P.S., girls: I have king cake and brownies. Please eat up.)


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