Return of the native

Hey, guys. Muffin here. Like my photo? I thought it was perfect since the Saints won the Super Bowl. Or whatever that was on Sunday night. And really, I’m not a big sports fan. I can’t even tell you how this picture happened. One Wednesday night I was just relaxing at my house when my person, Mandy, and some of my favorite people, Mindy and Rachel, showed up. Rachel put this jacket on me for some reason and I took every opportunity to model. Because when you’re as awesome as I am, you have every right to be a bit of a diva. (Mandy doesn’t think so, but I’ve shown her!) So those crazy girls rushed in the house and in the whirl of Coke Zeros, snacks, and conversation, Rachel dressed me up in the jacket and Mandy took my picture. Oh, well. At least I was dressed for the winning team. I hate to lose.

But while all of that is awesome (like me), it’s not the reason for my post. Oh, no. I am writing you from exile. At least that’s what my person calls it. I’ve been visiting in Missouri for the past week and a half, hanging out with Mandy’s parents, who I sometimes refer to as Moppy and Poppy. It’s been kind of cool and stuff, since I own this house, too. I sleep in Mandy’s room all by myself, though, so that’s kind of lonely and boring. And then there are these other creatures that live here—Sophie, a really young, annoying, and stingy with the treats poodle, and Sara. I’m not sure what she is. I think she might be a dog. Or a guinea pig. Or a throw rug. And THEN there’s this being they call Eli. I think his full name is No-No-Eli. At least that’s what they all call him. He like to chase me and Sophie around and try to get us. And he laughs the whole time! It’s not even remotely funny, though! Plus, he seems to have just learned about walking and he looks like a druken zombie half the time. Sometimes, I go down in the basement and hide until he’s gone. I don’t think of it as being anti-social. I think of it as being smart.

But anyway (or anywho, as my Poppy says—I adore him, BTW) I’ve heard rumors around my Missouri house that I’m heading back to Nashville soon. I’ll get to see my person again! (Ahem, I mean, I’m not excited or anything because I’m cool and aloof. Yeah.) The talk is that I’ll be going back sometime on Friday. Nashville, here I come! My house better still be standing!

I sure do have all these people trained.


7 thoughts on “Return of the native”

  1. Muffin lives in a delusional world in which everything, including me, belongs to her. I’ve tried to shatter her delusion, but so far, no such luck. Just wait until she gets back and discovers I no longer like to walk dogs at 5 a.m. in the freezing cold.

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