Dispatches (for a gloomy day)

Let’s just say it this way, people, you’re lucky I’m up and functioning today. It looked a bit iffy this morning when the alarm went off. I think I may have overdone it on the caffeine yesterday (what with the Coke Zeros, Diet Cherry Dr Pepper, and that Starbucks grande mocha from the barista who called me darling. Repeatedly. Not OK.) and therefore didn’t sleep well. This morning, the only thing that really got me moving this morning was Bongo Java’s Mystic Brew. Which for the non-Nashville people is coffee that’s locally roasted. I believe in supporting the community!

So, are you ready for some “Dispatches”? You know you are! And. . . . GO!

• A Nashville driver restored my belief in the kindness of strangers/drivers today. For some reason, when it rains, the exit lanes for Broadway and Demonbreun in Nashville sometimes get REALLY backed up. I needed in the exit lane and couldn’t get over because of all the traffic. And this guy (I use that for both genders) let me over! Yay!

• Also, if your windshield wipers scream every time you use them, you might need new ones. I mean, you know, if you are hypothetically the person who sometimes uses your wipers to scrape ice off the windshield. But you wouldn’t do things like that, right? 😉

• Yesterday, in the span of 20 minutes, I was called “darling” by the barista and “mujer” by some random dude in the Wal-Mart neighborhood market where I was loitering while waiting for my prescription to be filled. I don’t know if the mujer guy meant it in a good way (he was all “aye, mujer!”) and I don’t really care. Seriously, dude, if that’s your pickup line, it ain’t going to work. At least not with this mujer. And I’m really more of a senorita, even if Mindy likes to tell me over and over that there are BIG and SIGNIFICANT high school reunions coming up for me. Not. listening.

• Today, I arrived at work to find a postcard someone had slipped under my door with a note of encouragement. I don’t know who did it, but if you read this blog, thanks. You made me sniffle a little. And you may have made my day.

• So, after my sink threw up on my on Saturday night and my efforts at “fixing” it basically made things worse, I decided to call a plumber. Fun times. There was gross stuff clogging the pipes and it also needed a new pipe. Lately, my attempts at basic repairs around the house have turned out really badly. So, I called the professional in on this one.

• I need a good rebound chant that girls ages 5-9 can do for Upward basketball games. I’d rather it not include spelling. . . Ideas?

OK, boys and girls, I have things to do. You know, if I want to make a print deadline and not get a dreaded talking to about why my product is so far behind. Have a good Wednesday. I’ll see some of you later. And Mindy and Rachel, I have brownies. Word.

P.S.: Pray for Haiti. There was another quake there this morning. And pray for my friend Rachel and a job possibility. You don’t need to know the specifics, but she needs the pray. Pray, pray, pray!

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