Oh, it’s the second full week of 2010 and the second “Dispatches” of the year. Aren’t you the tiniest bit excited? Just a little?

Couldn’t you muster up just a miniscule amount of excitement?

Anyway, here we go!

• Today I am wearing my second favorite velvet jacket. (The first is the purple velvet one I think I may have worn last Wednesday. Apparently, Wednesdays are velvet jacket days.) This one is black and has a bit of a military feel. It reminds me of something Ringo might have been wearing for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club. Except without the epaulets. And not as colorful. But otherwise, just like it. 😉

• I saw on the news that UT students responded to Lane Kiffin’s announcement that he’s leaving the university after one year to go to USC was to run through the streets of campus setting things on fire and writing “vulgar” messages to Kiffin. I don’t like UT. (I want that to be sufficiently clear. But the people who lived in my house before me LOVED UT. The bathroom was painted UT orange with white lattice work chair rail. I am not lying. There are pictures.) But I do understand the frustration the students feel that the coach is leaving after one year. That USC deal must have been amazing, because I’ve heard his buyout for the contract is huge. Let the insanity of college football coach shifting begin.

• As many of you know (and if you’ve seen my office), for many years I was Mark McGwire’s biggest fan. Well, that was a pretty close contest between me and my mom. I took his retirement, refusal to speak the about the past in front of Congress, and lying by omission very personally. I was glad he finally told the truth the other day, but I do believe that admission was heavily influenced by the fact that he doesn’t want this hanging over him as he begins his new job as the Cardinals hitting coach and the fact that he probably longs for the respect he once had. I don’t think this will necessarily help his case to get into the hall of fame, nor will it give him the respect he’s longing for. When I talked to my parents last night (with my grandma in the state she’s in, I’ve been talking to them often), my dad told me my mom had “forgiven” Mark. Mark and I are still on a break. I think he should have told the truth five years ago, and I’m still disappointed that someone I thought had character chose to do something SO stupid. I also truly do think he is sorry for the choices he made—and there are lots of reasons he could be sorry (that he got caught, that he’s in this mess, that he did it, etc.). My last official word on his admission that he took steroids is that I’m glad he actually owned up to it and now it’s time to move on.

• Last night, I decided to paint my fingernails and toes. I painted my toes a color called “Speed Dating.” It looks terrible. Oh, well.

• I’ve been reading tweets and reports coming out of Haiti. That country is heavy on my heart, especially the scores of orphans and children I know have been affected. A guy I work with has friends who work closely with a ministry to that country and they had been waiting to hear if the child they were in the process of adopting in Haiti was alive. When the tweet came across a few minutes ago that Tia (the child) was alive, I celebrated. Please be praying for these people and those who are trying to help them.

Well, on that note, it’s time to get to work. Happy Wednesday, all! 🙂


One thought on “Dispatches!”

  1. Why are they so upset in knoxville and in the national media. Kiffen leaving is just business. The recruits have already been contacted and asked to come to with him. It’s just business. UT laughed at us in Memphis last March and everyone in the national media said it is just business when Cal left for UK and took all the recruits and tossed several UK players from last year to the side. It’s just business.

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