It really happened!

I have nothing really to write today, other than to say this: KU got beat!

Oh, the joy of waking up in a world in which such a thing has happened. As a Mizzou grad and tried-and-true fan, Kansas is pretty much my arch-enemy. And that whole “we-haven’t-lost-a-game-yet-and-are-the-best-team-in-the-country” thing was getting a little annoying. (I realize KU fans will not like this post. But this is my blog. Where I express my opinions. You have the right to yours and I have the right to mine.) So, yesterday, when there was nothing really on TV, I started watching the KU/UT game. Now, I’m not a UT fan at all. Do. Not. Like. Them. Even though I live in Tennessee. But when it became clear UT was there to win, I got very interested in the game. Then, I got nervous. Then, I called my mom because I knew she’d be watching. She was, while baby-sitting the Nephew who BTW, loves basketball (we’re raising that boy right!) and was apparently clapping for both teams. My mom was trying to teach him something I’ve been working on since he was 5 days old: we do not like Kansas.

But in the end, KU got beat and my face broke out in a smile you guys haven’t seen often lately.

Then, “Chuck” came back in a 2-hour special event and the world was a magically happy place.


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