Things that make you go, “hmm.”

Seeing that it’s Friday, Metro schools are out AGAIN, presumedly because there’s salt on the roads today and a semi carrying chicken nuggets had a wreck and spilled them all over the road, and I’m at work and would rather be snuggled into my comfy bed with the snowflake flannel sheets, I don’t hold high hopes for eloquence and insight in today’s post. I do, however, expect it to be random, full of trivial things, and a bit quirky. All of which could describe me.

So, in honor of today, I offer you these things that have caused me to stop and ponder this week:

  • Yesterday, The Powers That Be at work announced over the intercom that the Nashville campus would be closing at 3 p.m. Yay! (Well, sort of yay. When you get here at 7 a.m., don’t take your full lunch, and stuff, you generally leave at 3:30 p.m. But you know, whatever.) The reason given was for employee safety with the dropping temps and threat of icy refreeze. But some of us have cause to wonder if it didn’t have something to do with the fact that our company’s president is a huge Alabama fan and the Crimson Tide was playing in the BCS National Championship last night.
  • Speaking of that game, I watched some of it. Oh, stop gasping and clutching at your chests. I just watched some of it and had it on because I wanted to know who would win so I would have something to talk about with the boys at work today and I secretly wanted Texas to win. But the parts I did pay attention to did cause me to wonder about some things. Like who thought up Josh Groban and Flea for the national anthem? And Colt McCoy. OK, first off, that name is awesome. (He’s in the Big 12, so I have thought his name was awesome for awhile b/c Mizzou is in the Big 12. It’s a conference for those people who only know about the SEC. But I’m not bitter or anything.) Later in life with that name, Colt could either be a country singer, the face of some sort of breakfast sausage, or an analyst for ESPN. And poor Colt, getting hurt in the national championship game! I bet he’s never been more disappointed in his life.
  • Apparently the big deal on Facebook right now is for females to post what color bra they are wearing as their status updates in support of breast cancer research or survivors or something. I have several things that I’m thinking about that, though numerous friends of mine have participated and I don’t think poorly of any of them. But how in the crap does that help with cancer research, supporting survivors, or whatever? How? It’s not generating money for research. And secondly, am I the only person in the world who thinks it’s a bit unladylike to go around telling everyone on your friends list (some of mine are coworkers and writers for the mag I edit) what color underwear you’re wearing? I mean, I tend to think of that fact as my little secret. And thirdly, if I did answer that question, I’d be tempted to go put on the craziest bra I own just for the shock value of the announcement. But I’m not going to. Because that’s still my little secret!
  • So far, I am the only person on my hall who is here at work. I have already decided that at least six people from my department will call in and be unable to come to work today. Now, I don’t know how the roads are everywhere and I have heard they are bad in Wilson county, but the coast was clear and I saw more salt than ice on the roads on my way in.
  • Upward practice was canceled last night because my church’s policy is that if Metro schools are out, all church activities are canceled. My head coach called me and wanted to know if I thought we could get in to have practice anyway. My response: no, no one will be there. Then she wanted to have practice on Friday night. I kind of ignored that suggestion because even if I just go home and watch movies ALL NIGHT LONG while sitting in front of a fire and wearing my pajamas tonight (which I kind of did last night, so someone arrange for something fun for me to do) I don’t want to spend my Friday night having Upward cheer practice. Her solution? We’ll have practice at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday before our 11:30 a.m. game. Fun times.

Well, no matter what you’re doing today, I hope you’re warm, safe, and happy. Have a good day! Remember this: you’re not always going to be happy, not every day is going to be great, and you can’t control everything, but you can control how you react. That’s something I’ve been pondering for awhile now.


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