Dispatches (the first of 2010)

So, you know you’ve missed this weekly missives from me. Your holidays were lacking only in that you didn’t get any “Dispatches,” right?

Oh, whatever. Even I’m not buying this one. Here we go!

• Last night, I saw Josh Wilson on TV. Josh is a former pastor’s son and I knew him when he was in college at Belmont and a member of my church. Awesome guy; awesome songwriter/singer. He is signed with EMI and apparently was going to South Asia on a mission trip with his wife and other EMI artists. They happened to be flying through the Newark airport when the security breach happened this week. Josh apparently decided to entertain the harried, apprehensive, and stuck-for-the-moment travelers in the airport by leading them in a Beatles sing-along. Nice! Someone took cell phone video coverage of the moment and they put a snippet on the local news last night. I can officially sound really OLD and say I knew him when.

• In interest of revealing my lameness/quintessential Mandyness, I admit that: A) I wanted an iron for Christmas; B) I got an iron for Christmas; and C) said iron is the “professional” model. I don’t know what exactly that says about me, but I feel it says something. Something mostly lame. . .

• Due to a number of factors, the warmest place in my house is my bedroom. The vents are in the ceiling in my house, meaning the top floor is warmer than the bottom and the bottom floor is built on a slab and the flooring doesn’t help with warmness. I also have a small heater in my bedroom, so I can get it pretty toasty up there. So, last night after doing some general housework and folding and putting away laundry, I just camped out in my bedroom for most of the night. It was relaxing and warm.

• I have three words for you: purple, velvet, blazer. Funny how this one item of my wardrobe makes me HAPPY!

• I was late to work today.

• On my way to work today, I was thinking about snow days (in my alternate reality, we get one tomorrow) and I had this weird random memory of a school dance my senior year of high school sponsored by some club. At this dance, everyone was supposed to come in their pajamas. Who thought getting high school guys and girls together and letting them wear pjs was the best idea? Did someone just want to make things difficult for the guys? Anyway, during the dance, it started snowing and they sent everyone home early. We got a snow day the next day. So.  . . .here’s what I’m thinking, those of you who go to choir with me on Wednesday nights, wear your pajamas. Maybe it will then snow and work will magically be called off. (No I don’t actually believe this will happen, that it will snow, or that work will be canceled.

• Yesterday, I found out that this month I’ll be traveling to Texas January 24 and coming back on January 25, then I’ll be in Chattanooga for Southeast Conclave working the booth January 28-30. Fun, crazy times.

• In a turn of events I never expected, WHO DAT was used in chapel this morning at work.

It’s time to work now. Have a happy Wednesday all!


8 thoughts on “Dispatches (the first of 2010)”

  1. Janice: They were doing the “na na na” part in the clip. Fun!

    Well, our vague inclement weather policy says you’re here or take a vac day. Other departments can take work home and work on it there and count it as work at home, but not our department.

  2. Second snow day in a row here and may not get back to work until next week. KC feels a lot like Green Bay this week. I’d rather be at work. Who wants a week of snow days after you’ve already had two weeks off. For once couldn’t Al Gore have been right about something?

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