Things I’ve learned in 2010

Yes, the year is approximately 2 days old, but I’m already learning. What, you wonder? Well, if you’d just be a little more patient, I’d tell you!

• You can talk an old dog into sleeping in.
• Going to Starbucks early on the morning after New Year’s Eve leads to overhearing interesting conversations between baristas and customers who are still slightly drunk and may/may not have been to sleep.
• When it’s bitterly cold and you’re going to be in and out of someone’s house helping them move in the cold, wear more moisturizer. If not, your face will get really, really red and wind-burned.
• When cats move to a new place, they totally freak out. Totally different from dogs who regard moving as a new adventure.
• When you wake up on the second day of the new year and take your dog out and there are slight flurries, she will act like a complete and total dork. And you will laugh.
• It is possible to feel joy even when you’re not happy.
• Appetizers for dinner is an awesome option.
• It shows that you have basketball on the mind when you dream about basketball games.
• You can get hurt by the things people don’t say.
• Not setting an alarm for a long time will make getting up at a certain time evil and next to impossible.
• Sometimes the only way to get warm after being out in the cold is a hot shower, followed by flannel pajamas. At 6 p.m.
• You may think that awesome things are happening on TV while you are at work. Having had some time off, I can tell you NOTHING happens on TV worth watching during daytime. NOTHING!
• When Nashville says they’re dropping a big guitar downtown to celebrate the new year, they will but it will be slightly lame and you will mock it with friends from the warmth of your living room. Which basically means this year has begun just as the last one ended, with mockery and sarcasm!



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