And the award goes to. . .

So last year, I went all crazy and gave out awards for my blog. (In case you’ve forgotten or want to see how you fared against last year’s standings, go here.)

Back then, I couldn’t figure out what to name the award, but since most of you went with “the Mandys” that’s what I’m going with this year. If it makes you happy, picture the award as a nice golden display piece for your mantle that depicts me doing something randomly awesome. That shouldn’t be too hard to do. Unless of course, you don’t think I’m randomly awesome. And in that case, I don’t like you.

So maybe the trophy/figurine isn’t all that feasible, but certificates are. And if you show enough interest in a certificate, I may be able to arrange for that. Maybe. If I like you. 😉

But enough rambling. Let’s get on with the show. The winners are:

Top Referrers Blog category: (These are the blogs who sent me the most traffic in 2009.)

1. A Likely Story by Crystal Zaragoza. (Girl, move back to Nashville. I need you!)
2. Bringing the Drama by Senor Scott (who I recently met live and in person. Yay!) 😉
3. The making of a pilgrimage by Mindy (who has basically completely abandoned her blog. It’s crying to be updated, Mindy. CRYING!)

Top Referrers Reader category (these are blog reader programs that send a lot of readers my way):
1. (I have no idea who you are, but thanks!)
2. (I have an igoogle site, but never use it. Thanks to whoever does use theirs!)
3. Google Reader (I heart you Google Reader. Hugs to whomever else uses you to read my random posts.)

Pages that have received the most clicks from my blog in 2009:
1. The making of a pilgrimage by Mindy
2. Bringing the Drama by Scott
3. A Likely Story by Crystal Z.

Top Posts in 2009
(These posts had to be written in 2009 and had to be posts, not pages, like my info or photo pages that are tied to this blog.)
1. Dispatches! (For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this post of nothing has gotten SO many hits!)
2. Feels Like Friday (Y’all just like this one because you covet my flower pot-sized coffee cups.)
3. This moment is sponsored by AWKWARD (Thanks for sharing in my awkwardness. Sadly, there have been so many more moments of awkward since then. Hi, my name is Mandy. And I am awkward.)

Top search terms used to find my blog:
1. Funny graphs
2. inverted bob
3. Mrs. Robinson

And finally, this blog’s equivalent of the lifetime achievement award:
All-Time Top Referrers (These blogs have sent the most people my way since I began paying attention to the stats with WordPress.):
1. Bringing the Drama by the witty Senor Scott
2. A Likely Story by the beautiful Crystal Z.
3. The making of a pilgrimage by the friend who calls me on my crap and cries with me in my sorrows, Mindy

Congratulations to all the winners. And a big hug and a heartfelt “I love you!” to all my readers. I don’t know why you read my musings, ramblings, tales of all things awkward, and random thoughts, but I appreciate that you listen to me.

Much love to you all and may you have a blessed new year of new beginnings!


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