Dispatches (for a dreary day)

Seeing that I woke up in an extremely good (and unexpected) mood, finally consumed the amount of water I should each day yesterday, and have dark chocolate snacks packed away in case of extreme hunger later in the day, I expect this edition of “Dispatches” to be full of randomness and absurdity. And you will love it!

Yes, you will.

Don’t talk back to me.

OK, enough. Let’s discuss some random absurdity!

• After a conversation with a friend about things that happened at a friend’s workplace yesterday, I am amazed at the things people think they have the right to say. Sometimes, the best policy is to keep your mouth shut. You don’t have to say everything you think.

• I am weirdly annoyed by people who have the habit of saying “mm-hmm” or “uh huh” after everything they say. I realize they have no idea they’re doing this and that I am being petty (and I’m working on it!), but it still annoys me. Also annoying: the people who try to finish your sentences for you. OK, I need to stop or this will become a post about my pet peeves—which I’ve covered enough previously.

• For our choir Christmas concert, we have to wear all black. Should I buy new black pants for this occasion?

• There’s a particular local radio station I listen to every day and love. But lately, I haven’t liked the music choices on the morning show. I’ll listen for awhile, then get tired, then plug in my iPod. Which is also an interesting mix, since I put it on shuffle and apparently to iPods that means “play all the songs Mandy is not currently in the mood for.”

• Word to the wise: don’t let your dog get into the habit of sleeping on your bed. I’m just saying. One day you’ll wake up and discover that your furry friend has taken up most of you full bed and four paws will be boring into some part of your body. Just say no from the beginning, because when your dog is almost 11, you cannot break them from this. Even if you’d desperately like to.

• My boyfriend Trader Joe is particularly wonderful at Christmastime. This being our first Christmas together, he outdid himself. After a recent trip to see him, I came home with all kinds of wonderful concoctions I didn’t really need but still love. Chocolate covered things. Asiago cheese slices. A yummy loaf of Italian bread. Wintery Mix coffee. Yay, Trader Joe’s!

OK, it’s time to go figure out what fire to put out first. I hope you all have great days! And I’ll see some of you at marathon rehearsals tonight. (And Rachel and Mindy: I have all kinds of chocolate covered snacks to share with you later tonight. I was going to try to convince you that I made them, but that’s too obvious of a lie, considering I pretty much hate making candy.)


5 thoughts on “Dispatches (for a dreary day)”

  1. Oooo, I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s in a while, I must go visit and see what goodies he has for Christmas. Oh and by the way, I’m bringing fudge tonight, chocolate and peanutbutter.

  2. all black for the Christmas show? 😦

    also, it sounds like you need to be more selective with what songs you put on the iPod. i know it sounds harsh, but it’ll be better in the long run.

  3. Yeah. . . don’t get me started on the Christmas concert. It’s not really overly Christmas-y and while I like the music, it makes me a little sad.

    I do need to be more selective. This is obvious. And I need to purge songs I put on there 3 years ago in a fit of insanity, apparently.

  4. Rachel – I love you! Peanut butter fudge is a gift from above! A true treasure.

    My cats love to sleep all over the bed. If they are on top of the covers and I want move, it is like an Olympic feat! Boots could care less that I want to move, her lazy butt stays right where she plopped it down.

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