Dispatches (for a rainy day)

Rain just won’t go away and Running and I haven’t gotten to hang out as planned of late. So basically the relationships in my life are falling apart. Love never fails, guys. Love never fails.

But anyway, it’s Wednesday, even if I thought it was Thursday there for a minute, and that means one thing: DISPATCHES! You know you can’t wait. There’s no use denying it. You love Dispatches. You LOOOVE Dispatches. (Maybe if I say it enough it will be true! Or not.)

Well, whatever your thoughts on Dispatches, it’s what you’re getting. On with the show!

• I am going to the Mizzou/Vandy basketball game tonight at Memorial Stadium. I am EXCITED! I wrangled my friend Brandon into going with me and am trying to decide which MU shirt to wear. While Vandy is technically an alma mater of mine, my heart will always belong to Missouri. So, if you see some crazed Tiger fan on TV making a fool of herself, it might just be me. Or I’ll be the one eating nachos like they’re going out of style. It’ll go down one of those ways; it’s hard to tell which at this point. 🙂

• Last night I had this weird dream in which some crazed serial killer guy was trying to shoot me. We were in an outdoor ampitheater and he was climbing across all the rows of chairs to shoot me. (I was standing in the middle of the stage.) I was really scared, but apparently had a handgun of my own, which I drew and shot and nothing happened. There were no bullets in the chamber. He heard the empty click just as I did and our eyes met and I knew I was going to die. I woke up a little before my alarm went off completely freaked out about this dream. And I haven’t watched any L&O or movies that would spur this kind of dream on. Except I did watch a very sad episode of “Criminal Minds” (the only one I’ve ever watched) in which someone got shot with my parents over Thanksgiving. Maybe that’s it?

• Yesterday, I had to go by the dermatologist’s office to buy some moisturizer before I got my hair cut. At my last appointment, my dermatologist thought my face was dry and suggested this particular moisturizer they sold through the cosmetic side of the clinic. So I bought it, even though it cost $18. At least it was a big bottle. Well, I loved the stuff. LOVED IT! Recently, I ran out and thought I’d get some more while I was out there. Apparently they don’t sell it anymore and have switched to something else, which I agreed to try and paid $24 for a tiny bottle. Who knew a dermatologist could be like a drug dealer, getting me hooked on one kind of moisturizer, then switching me to something “better”?

• I am annoyed by the band Jethro Tull. I don’t know where that came from except that I heard them on XM on my way to work and I was instantly all “I don’t like them!”

• I have a pet peeve with people in the corporation categorizing the mag I edit as a devotional. It contains devotions, but it’s not a devotional. It’s a magazine with devotions. This conception blocks us out of a lot of avenues to get valuable feedback and marketing/advertising opportunities. And it also reflects an old way of thinking that sometimes gets on my nerves.

• Have I mentioned I’m going to see Mizzou play basketball tonight? I’m already wearing black and gold!

• My house is an utter wreck. If you would like to help me finish unpacking (the suitcase is STILL in my bedroom floor) or otherwise straighten up, I’d greatly appreciate it.

• It’s supposed to be a high of 38 degrees on Saturday. 38! I may not get out of bed all day long. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but a nice thought.

That’s it for today. Happy Wednesdays to you all. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dispatches (for a rainy day)”

  1. man, the game’s not till 8:30! i’ll try to watch it since it comes on after Clemson/Illinois. see, this is a thing to add to “if i lived in Nashville”. my friend has Vandy season tickets. i have been to a couple of games.

    also, your dermatologist not only moved you on to something better, but something more expensive. crazy.

  2. I will probably be a zombie at work tomorrow after the game. BUT I DON’T CARE! And I’ll definitely be cheering for Clemson b/c I HATE ILLINOIS! (And love caps today, apparently)

    My dermatologist=like a drug dealer

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