The days of my life

Poor, dear departed, lost and alone calendar. I am missing you deeply.

DEEPLY, I tell you. I feel your loss in every part of my being.

I’ve never been one of those girls who carried a calendar in her purse. Just never was. I’m generally pretty good at remembering where I’m supposed to be and sometimes I recall the birthdays of people long after our paths have separated. (Like Tracy, a guy I knew in elementary. His birthday is October 6. I always think of him on that day and I haven’t seen him since like sixth grade. Does that make me weird?)

But last year, I got a little calendar/planner to keep in my purse. And I LOVED it. It was cute and stripey and I had my whole schedule RIGHT THERE. I went a little crazy and wrote my whole life in there. There were doctors appointments, notes to myself, phone numbers, hair appointments, friends’ birthdays, everything. And then, I lost it. I have no idea where it is. Yesterday, I had to call my dentist and dermatologist and ask when I had my next appointment. I nearly missed my sister-in-law’s birthday. I said yes to practicing Upward Cheerleading on Thursday nights when I’ll miss the second week of practice because of the Andrew Peterson Christmas show, which I am not missing. Nope. Not budging.

I tried to buy a replacement calendar, but when you go to the store looking for a calendar in November, you only find calendars for the next year. So, I’ve got to make it through December (and remember all the things I’m supposed to do) before my new calendar picks up. I’m feeling a little lost and disorganized. And wondering just how and when I became this person. . .

Oh, well. It is what it is. I’ll survive. I may be late, miss a few appointments, and wonder what happened to my old calendar (and who’s reading it and laughing at the randomness it contained). But in case you see me wandering around aimlessly, muttering about how I’m supposed to be doing. . . something, here’s a short run-down of my December:

12/2: Mizzou v. Vandy 8:30 p.m. (watch for me on TV. And if you’d like to come with, let me know ASAP.)
12/3: Baby shower at work
12/4: Bring food to work
12/9: Choir
12/11: Christmas party at work, 1/2 day off, Christmas party with church friends
12/12: Choir rehearsal at 3, performance at 6, and it seems like something else. . .
12/13: Choir performance, reception, and if I can swing it, Ten out of Tenn Christmas at the Exit/In. But it’s not looking good for Trent and Co., even if it would mean seeing my future husband, Andy Davis. (And I don’t really mean that in the stalkery way it sounds. It’s a JOKE!)
12/15: lots of meetings at work; Christmas chapel at work
12/17: AP Christmas show
12/18: Bring food to work
12/21: Half day work
12/22: Go to MO for Christmas
12/23: Christmas caroling and the Braggin’ Rights basketball game (on TV) b/t Mizzou and Illinois. Down with you and your Illini, Bruce Weber.
12/24: Christmas Eve
12/25: Christmas
12/26: Christmas with the Bumgardaner side of the family
12/28: come back to TN
12/31: New Year’s Eve. I want to do something fun, though I haven’t planned it yet. Why can’t someone just invite me somewhere?

So now you know my schedule. Please help me get where I’m supposed to be!


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