M-I-Z Z-O-U!

One of the things I love about going to Missouri for Thanksgiving is that I get to watch Mizzou on TV. I love Nashville, but in the heart of the SEC, it’s sometimes a little hard to get anyone to talk about the Big 12. Actually, when I first moved to Tennessee, I’d say something about the Big 12 and people would stare at me oddly. Some often ask me what the Big 12 is. And I often have to explain what Mizzou is when I wear my Mizzou sweatshirt (which I am aware is not a good color for me, but black and gold forever, baby!).

I realize that Missouri isn’t exactly a powerhouse in football or basketball (yet), but we also aren’t completely terrible or a team to be ignored. So when I moved to SEC-land from the heart of the Big 12, not having anyone to talk sports with or rarely getting to watch my alma mater play football or basketball on TV was a little hard to take. It’s still hard, but at least these days we’re making more of a name for ourselves in both sports.

But it’s also good to be camped out on the couch in my parents’ basement watching Mizzou football (they’re currently stinking it up against Kansas BOO!) and knowing we’ll be watching MU basketball in a few hours.

Hooray, Hurrah, Mizzou, Mizzou! Go TIGERS!



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