Dispatches: The holiday travel edition

In a couple of hours, I’ll hop in the car and begin the 4-hour long drive to my parents’ house. This year will mark a first in our Thanksgiving celebrations in that it will likely just be our immediate family, meaning me, my parents, brother, sis-in-law, and nephew. Hopefully, that will mean lower stress, but we’ll see.

But I haven’t forgotten about Dispatches! Who’s ready? OK. Here. we. go.

• I tried to sleep in this morning, but only made it until about 6:30 a.m. I’m guessing this means that I am officially old. I didn’t get up then, but still, I was wide awake. Sad. Sad. Sad.

• I’m considering taking my pillow with me to my parents’ house. Please don’t call me high maintenance! I just have a tough time with pillows and LOVE my memory foam pillow. Is that rude? (In addition, don’t tell my parents, but the mattress on the bed in my old room hurts my back. This also points to me being old.)

• I just saw coverage of O’Hare on the national news. I am 100% thankful that I don’t have to fly anywhere for the holiday. I do have to drive and the stretch of I-24 I drive through Kentucky is heavily patrolled and will likely be very busy. This does not take away from its boringness.

• Because I’m traveling, I’ll likely be listening to XM part of the way—especially the comedy stations. Expect to hear me trying to tell you some of the funnier stand-up jokes in the weeks to follow. Yes, I’m aware I’m not exactly funny. I’m aware you probably had to be there for it to be funny. But I’m still telling you.

• I’m waiting to watch Adam Lambert perform on the CBS Early Show. He’s wearing very tight leather pants and has a pompadour. My question is how he makes his hair stick up like that, because try as I might, mine doesn’t. Even when I dry it upside down.

• Is it bad that I’m traveling to MO with about 5 pairs of shoes for 4 days? There’s brown boots, black shoes, Converse, heels, and running shoes. Too much? Oh, well. I’m not flying, so it doesn’t matter! And you don’t have to carry the suitcase, so you can’t complain. Likewise, neither can I. . .

• When I get home this afternoon, I have a feeling my mom and I will be baking something. Since I was a child, she’s let me hep her in the kitchen, though when I was really little, it involved mostly watching. I just like the togetherness of cooking with her. We may not make anything but old family favorites, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Well, I’m off of here. I have to get ready for the day, get gas in the car, and get on the road to Missouri. I may get bored, so you guys should entertain me. I-24 in western KY is LONG and BORING!

Have a happy Thanksgiving Eve, all. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dispatches: The holiday travel edition”

  1. I always take my pillow with me when I travel – and if ever we sleep at Daddy’s again, I’m taking the air mattress because that bed at his house is basically two box springs on top of each other. Very uncomfortable!

  2. Scott, if you were addicted to American Idol like I am you would be well versed in Adam Lambert. And he is talented, but the vocals were not good on the AMAs.

    Mindy, western KY was particularly boring today. Could you talk to your home state about jazzing it up? Please!

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