It’s chapel day at work, and it’s a big deal chapel that we’ve all been asked to attend by managers and various VPs, so skipping is not really an option. What does that have to do with you, you ask? It means this may be the most hurriedly, poorly written edition of Dispatches you’ve ever seen! Are you READY?!

• ESPN celebrated the start of the NCAA basketball season yesterday with 24 hours of basketball—meaning there were tip-offs at all kinds of crazy hours! But some interesting things happened, like Tennessee beating their opponent, UNC-Asheville, 124 to 49. In Missouri in high school basketball there’s something called the mercy rule. I’m thinking they should have just made one up yesterday for that game. That goes past embarrassing the other team to completely stripping them of any sense of honor. The last game of the night was KU and Memphis. My brother called at that point and (no offense, Rachel!) we talked about how we really couldn’t cheer for either team and wondered if some other team could come in and win the game. That, of course, didn’t happen.

• Speaking of my brother, it appears the male members of my immediate family have all been sick. My dad is at home in bed with a fever and vomiting. My brother has the same thing but is feeling slightly better. My mom is really worried about my dad and it appears she’ll be taking him to the doctor today. He was too sick yesterday to make the hour-long trip.

• I’m feeling very thankful to God today because of some good news we got at work.

• It’s occurred to me this week that there really are some phrases that are just pointless and when spoken to you, you really have no comeback. Like one I’ve been hearing often: “Your hair has gotten long!” What do I say to that? I mean, yes is all I can say because after that point, there’s really nothing more to say. Other annoying phrases are those that begin with “I’m not ______________.” Fill in the blank with words like complaining, meaning to offend you, or arguing and you’ll see why it drives me crazy. Because you just said you weren’t going to do that and now you are. Not cool.

• I did not complete the grocery store challenge last night because I kept forgetting that I had to be at church for a women’s event at 6:30 p.m. I was in a pretty tired/sour mood by the time I got to church, but I’m so glad I went. So much blessing and thanksgiving was spoken into my life. Thank you, Mindy, for all your hard work.

• I’m taking my car to a new place to get my oil changed and an estimate for a tune-up. I’ll let you know how that goes.

OK, off to work and a series of meetings and random Wednesday craziness.


One thought on “Dispatches”

  1. I walked away from last night feeling ministered to by the testimonies from Wylie and Jill. I could tell the Lord was all over that night and every word spoken.

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