Let the feasting begin


This coming Sunday after the morning service, I’m having my life group (and any friends they bring) over for a potluck Thanksgiving meal.

Now, it’s potluck, but being me, I’ve gone a little crazy planning what I’m going to cook. There’s a turkey. Green beans. Possibly mac and cheese. Fried apples. Salad. A pumpkin layer cake with whipped icing.

See, I like to cook for people. I like to have people over and serve them stuff I’ve made myself that sometimes happens to taste pretty good. (And just as an aside, cooking for people is one of the ways I like to show my love. So if you’ve been invited to partake of my cooking or ever received baked goods in the mail as a gift, it’s because I’m trying to show you I love you. Consequently, for those who care, one of my “love languages” is quality time. If you want to show me you care, spend time with me. That’s sometimes why I get bent out of shape when people say no when I’ve asked them to do something with me. I feel like I’ve put my heart out there and when they say no, not even realizing the way I work, I sometimes take it as them not really liking/loving/caring for me very much.)

On Sunday afternoon, I sat down to make my menu. This is something my mom and I do together every time she hosts a big family celebration and I guess it rubbed off. Menu made, I started making a shopping list. And this is when I think my craziness began to come out. I looked at what Kroger had on sale this week and what Publix had on sale and made 2 lists in order to get the best deals. And these are fairly detailed lists.

This afternoon, I’ll be doing the 2-stores-in-one-afternoon shopping trip. I’m considering making it into a game and seeing how fast I can get everything on each list and how cheaply. Because grocery shopping is just more fun when you make it into a game.

So if you see me in Kroger or Publix this afternoon and I seem oddly focused, that is what’s going down.

And if you’re coming on Sunday, you’ll reap the benefits.

I hope.


8 thoughts on “Let the feasting begin”

  1. if it’s potluck and you’re hosting, can’t you just get some two liters and plates? 😉

    i’m making that coffee cake and a salad for next week. i am kind of excited about making a cake. i haven’t forayed into doing that since last Christmas.

  2. I could. . . but it’s so not my style.

    The coffee cake is so worth it! I’m making it for work this week. Maybe at midnight on Wednesday night at the rate things are going, but I am making it! 🙂

  3. I can try to help. . . I’ll set up a hotline!
    First tip: real butter. Second tip: don’t over-beat it. Third tip: don’t eat it by the spoonful. You might go into sugar shock.

  4. Ah yes, we have the same love language! I get my feelers hurt to if people don’t want to hang out . . . and I SO wish I could come eat pumpkin layer cake and fried apples. Mmmmmmm

    I am trusting the Pioneer Woman to help me make Thanksgiving this year. I’ve been married for 8 years and this is my first time to host it in my home for my parents and a single friend of ours. I’ll be making my detailed list soon too!

  5. Ugh, I just made the unpardonable grammar sin . . . I meant to say “too”. I get my feelings hurt “too”. *covers face with hands and shakes head side to side*

  6. Sounds like several Pioneer Woman coffee cakes will be served in the upcoming festivities – I’m taking it to my family Thanksgiving as well. First time we’ve been to Bernie for Thanksgiving in at least 5 years but wanted to be sure we get to see Aunt Maxine. I’ll miss hosting and dread the quick trip (leaving after work Wed; returning Friday), but it’ll be worth it.

  7. have fun! I’ll be in Bernie, too, but I’m there through Sunday. (My mom has enlisted me to sing on Sunday morning.) I’m making the cake tonight after choir practice. We’ll see how it goes!

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