The vacation is over.

Oh, dear readers, it’s the end of the vacation. It’s back-to-work day.

And while I’m happy to be back in Nashville, I’m not so keen on the going back to work portion of the day, seeing that I left here sufficiently stressed and overloaded with work and there’s been a week of stuff piling up while I’ve been off gallavanting in New Hampshire, Boston, and Rhode Island.

Alas, my friends, this is how the grown-up world rolls.

The first day back hasn’t started off that well. Remember how I used to blame my not getting to work on time on my dog? Well, I owe Muffin an apology, because she’s not even here and I was still leaving my house later than I should have. Maybe it was that last trip through the upstairs making sure the heater was unplugged and the iron wasn’t on.

But things really started to fall apart when I walked out my front door. The sunroof on my car was open, a reminder of yesterday’s beautiful sunshine, and had been all night. I forgot my badge at home, meaning I’ll have to wear the dorky paper one they make visitors wear here and be a “name-tag nerd” all day. And to top it all off, I left the keys to my office at home.

I really think at that point, I should have turned around and gone home.

But I didn’t and it’s time to get this show on the road.

Wish me luck. I could forget my name, what I do, or where the bathrooms are. Because it’s THAT kind of morning.

And I am accepting your condolences and gifts as I mourn the end of a beautiful, much-needed vacation.


4 thoughts on “The vacation is over.”

  1. About a year ago my mom accidentially put her badge in my purse instead of hers when I came home for a weekend. She only noticed her badge was missing the following Monday as she left for work and I was back in Nashville. I noticed it in my purse around Wednesday. I had to mail it back to her. So she had to go the name tag route for about a week.

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