Yesterday morning, we left New Hampshire and headed for Boston. It was a little sad to leave the Spalding Inn, since it had become sort of like home and we’d made friends with Jessica who worked the front desk. But our itinerary called us to Boston and off we went.

The drive down was a little surreal. It was a little chilly, but not cold. And the fog was rolling off the mountains onto the roadway. At one point we were driving through a heavy fog that made it hard to see a few hundred feet in front of us. But we prevailed and made it to Boston and our hotel safely.

As a sidenote, I reserved our hotel using Hotwire and just did the thing where you pick what level of hotel you want (two star, three star) and they find one with a good price and get you a better reservation. The kicker? You won’t know what hotel chain it is until you’re ready to check out. And guys, we got the Hotel Indigo, which is a boutique hotel chain and all the rooms are very modern and efficient. And we LOVED it.

The hotel was right next to the MBTA station, meaning we could hop on the subway to get to downtown. So we did, after some minutes of frustration trying to decipher what the stupid kiosk touch screens actually said when the hot mid-day sun was beating down on them. Finally, we prevailed, though it resulted in getting change in $1 gold coins that I like to call dubloons.

Eventually, we made it to Park Street and Boston Common and started on the Freedom trail. Which was one long walk through American Revolutionary War history. We saw Paul Revere’s house, grave, and the Old North Church. We glimpsed the U.S.S. Constitution, though we couldn’t get on it. We saw state houses, Bunker Hill, and Mother Goose’s grave. We slipped into a little Italian restaurant in the little Italy part of the city and had some amazing food. Mindy had chicken parmesan, which was huge and bubbly and cheesy, while I tried something new in the form of pumpkin gnocchi, which was surprising and cheesy and good.

After that, we continued on our walk along the Freedom Trail. We were so proud of ourselves when we were able to negotiate the subway to get back to our hotel. (Stop laughing! I’m from rural Missouri! And we don’t have subways in Nashville!) It was easier than expected and the best way for us to get around, though. We eventually came back to the hotel, finished off the night with cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory, then settled in for a long winter’s nap in the comfy room.

Today, we’re off to see Harvard (b/c I begged and am obsessed), then heading toward Newport, RI and spending the night in Providence, RI. There’s fresh seafood on the horizon and a some final traveling fun to have before we head to the airport on Saturday.

Have good Fridays, all. I’ll see you all (well some of you) on Sunday. And next week means work starts back up, meaning that I can’t use my new motto anymore: I don’t care! I’m on vacation.

But for the moment, the vacation continues. And I’m going to lazily get ready for the day. Because I can. Because I’m on vacation!


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