I didn’t realize that was weird.

This morning, I woke up slightly before my alarm went off. My first thought was that it was too early. That was quickly followed by the recognition that it was raining AGAIN and pretty hard. The third coherent thought was that I was supremely comfortable, followed by an observation that I must have gotten cold in the night because the quilt/bedspread was piled high atop me. With that realization, I thought, I need to get my blanket out and put it on the bed.

I grew up in a family in which sometime in the fall when night time temps started to drop, you got a blanket out and put it on your bed, tucking it in with the flat sheet and covering it all up with the bedspread. I thought this was something everyone did. I mean, in my family, we each had our own particular kind and color of blanket and they were not to be mixed. I have a fuzzy velour one. My mom and dad have this crochet/knitted thing. I honestly don’t remember what my brother had. We’d change the sheets every week or so, always tucking the blanket in with the fitted sheet. In my case, it has to be tight and straight. Otherwise, I get a little OCD. The blanket would be a regular part of bed-making process until winter had passed.

I didn’t realize that this wasn’t a practice of everyone in the world. My college roommate would just get out this extra blanket and cover up with it and her comforter at night, then fold the extra blanket and leave it at the foot of her bed during the day. No tucking it in with the sheets. It was just free to fly all over the place at night, possibly leaving your toes a little less protected from the cold.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized quite a few things that I do and think are quite normal and no one else does. Like:

• Teasing people as a way of showing affection
• Dusting my furniture once a week
• Separating laundry into 4 million sub-groups based on color
• Eating dinner as a family
• Folding the towels a certain way
• Folding laundry items that no one else folds

So what are some of the things that make you, well, weird? Sound off!


8 thoughts on “I didn’t realize that was weird.”

  1. My family (or my mom in particular) leaves all of those layers tucked in all year round. So, as the temp varied on any given night throughout the year, you could have only the flat sheet, or add the blanket (usually one that was made by a grandma), or add the comforter. And for me, that mixture can change within one night. I get cold, then hot, then cold…

    I wash dishes in a certain order. And I pile them in the drying rank in a certain order. Probably the same order my mom does it.

    I grew up drying myself off inside the shower. I’ve come to understand some people just step right out of the shower and make the floor really wet.

  2. Mindy: “Some people,” huh? 😉

    Marie: I think the tucked in blanket is the only way to go!

    Scott: I am OCD about the sheets and not having wrinkles over my feet. I realize this is weird. And growing up, my family ate dinner together almost every night, even if my dad was in harvest and had to go back to work afterward or we had to wait until later for him to get home. So when people talk about everyone grabbing dinner whenever they want, I’m like, what? Since it’s SO different from my experience!

  3. I’m sure growing up in the same town is one reason, but my family pretty much does everything you mentioned 🙂 Our blankets were quilts the Granma Walker made – I still use mine. We ALWAYS eat as a family and at the table. I no longer dust my furniture weekly, but grew up doing so. And I’ve changed my clothes sorting since having kids. With the exception of the whites, I sort the boys separate from ours – makes the putting away process faster.

  4. I think we are the normal ones, and the rest are abnormal because I know we usually tuck the blanket in for the cold season. However, I am not using my extra blanket this year because I seem to have a space heater attached to me! 🙂

    My laundry practices changed in college because it cost $1.50 to do the laundry (wash & dry) for one load, so I had to minimize my loads! I still minimize because I am way too busy to worry about laundry all day, but Jeanna’s stuff is always separate. Go green! (yeah, that’s the reason!)

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