Welcome, Blog Friends, from beautifully drizzly Nashville. I’m beginning to think I live in Seattle with all the rain we’ve been having. Plus, it’s a bit chilly of the morning these days, making the whole getting-out-of-bed, walking-the-dog, going-to-work thing kind of difficult.

But in case you were wondering, none of that—no, not even the amazing mountain of work I am attempting to accomplish before going on vacation next week—can keep me from writing today’s “Dispatches.” Because I am just like the Postal Service. Except I don’t wear those shorts. . .

Anyway, let’s go!

• My legs look like I was involved in some sort of kickboxing match that I lost. I have a bruise on my left thigh from my wild dash through the Salt Lake City airport a few weeks ago. I have a mystery bruise right above my right knee that’s a lovely shade of chartruese. I have an angry bruise just below my left knee that has yet to reach its full potential or range of colors (it’s from banging my leg into the copy machine at work on Monday). Basically, it all boils down to this: I am not graceful and I bruise easily.

• I woke up in the middle of the night last night utterly starving. But I had eaten food. I’m not one of those skip-meals or “oh-I-just-realized-I-haven’t-eaten” girls. I’ve been trying to eat smaller meals and more often because it makes me feel better and it supposedly helps metabolism. But I’ve been waking up at night really, really hungry. This is not normal. I hope it goes away soon. If I were like some people I know, I would worry that this is a sign of diabetes. But I’d rather not go there.

• I have discovered the cardio theater at the gym. It’s basically a bunch of cardio equipment in a dark room with a movie playing on a big screen. I kind of love it. Since I’ve been running inside due to the weather, it is a welcome relief.

• Today is career of excellence award day at work. I will not be receiving an award.

• I leave for NH on Monday. I’ve never taken a full week off work since I’ve been editing the magazine—that I can remember. Let’s see how this goes! I can’t wait for the relaxation and fun to commence.

That’s all I have time for today. Have a good day!


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