Fiddle dee dee

649 Scarlett

To quote Scarlett O’Hara, tomorrow is another day.

Imagine our heroine, the selfish, strong-willed Scarlett realizing for the first time that not only is she capable of love but she actually loves Rhett Butler. Armed with this realization, she hurries to the home he built for her, just one of the many things she wanted that he gave to her, to tell him. But it’s too late. Her indifference and pride have killed Rhett’s love for her. And he leaves with hardly a word. Well, there are words, ones that scandalized the American movie-going public back in the day. But it seems that Scarlett’s chances are dire and all hope is lost. And what does she say? “Tomorrow is another day.”

And Scarlett was right. Even though yesterday was long, exhausting, tense, and stressful, today is new, fresh, and remarkably meeting-free. Today, I will not start the morning by banging my leg into the copier in the work room, leaving two long scratches and a bruise that I fear will turn lovely shades of green and yellow before it goes away. Today, I won’t be stuck in meeting rooms unable to do the necessary tasks to get the January issue out the door. Or at least out of my hands. Today, I will purposely put on a good attitude rather than complaining. Today is a new day. I have new chances.

Who ever thought I’d be following the advice of Scarlett O’Hara? But then, I did make a shirt out of a pillowcase. Clothing made from curtains are a logical next step! 😉


9 thoughts on “Fiddle dee dee”

  1. My mother has reenacted that scene in our kitchen, though she didn’t have a turnip. And I’d have to have my southern belle dress to do that, Mindy. And it’s in Missouri.

    I think it’s a turnip, Scott. But I’m not 100 percent sure.

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