Rainy days and Mondays

Or in the case of Nashville of late, rainy days all week long.

But rain is particularly evil on Mondays. Seeing that if you’re human, you probably don’t want to get up on Monday morning, no matter how much you love your job! And rain—well, rain just makes it worse.

But on this particular Monday, I’m a bit stressed, what with all the stuff that has to get done before I take a week of vacation (!) and the sheer amount of meetings I’m expected to be in this week. Deep breaths.

All that said, since I’ve got a lot to do, I’m keeping this post short and sweet. So let’s discuss a few insights and experiences I had while getting ready and driving to work today:

• It’s no fun to have one eye that is smaller than the other one. Which I do. (Last week, we had to take pictures for the “ec Christmas card” in the December issue. Our graphic designer was flipping the pics so that a couple of us faced a different direction; we had three people looking one way in their individual head shots and one looking the other. Oops! Anyway, she was flipping them and said that you can tell how symmetrical someone’s face is when you flip the picture. If your face is symmetrical, you’ll look decent flipped. If it’s not, you’ll look weird. I looked deformed.) So, I have an eye that’s bigger than the other one. Or at least I think so. And when you’re kind of carelessly putting on eyeliner, you can make it worse. I’m just saying.

• Coffee doesn’t help swollen eyelids. It might, however, help wake you up. Might. I’m on my second large cup.

• The CVS on Nolensville Road has cold beer. The electronic sign proudly proclaims it.

• I got stuck at a stoplight and noticed the bright blue Mustang next to me. The guy was polishing his side mirrors. He rolled down his window, stuck out a little cloth, and polished off some non-existent smudge. I noted that the car was impeccably clean and very shiny. And thought: I bet he toweled it off this morning. Wow, he loves his car. This is when I remembered that some people have this new fangly thing called a garage.

• The sun coming up over the skyline of Nashville is really pretty, even on a rainy day.

• Some people are too chipper on Monday mornings. I work with some of them. I should close my door until I can manage a slightly more better (as one of my favorite high school teachers used to say) mood.

• Dogs, or at least the ones who live with me, really do have charmed lives. Someone fixes all their food, loves them even when they’re mean, and they get to snuggle up on a blanket and sleep this rainy day away. While I work. Seriously.

Anyway, have a happy Monday, ya’ll. I’ve got miles to go before I sleep. 🙂


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