When a week lasts a year

This week has been long, ya’ll. I’m not going to lie.

Oh, you could point out that I wasn’t in the office the first two days of the week because I was traveling. You can argue that I spent a large portion of my workday on Wednesday writing the October devo blasts and doing blog stuff for the magazine which doesn’t exactly translate to intensive work. You might even point out that coworkers and I played Wii during our lunch hour yesterday.

You could say those things, but I’d still say the same thing: this week has been LONG and EXHAUSTING.

I love to travel. I love airports and planes and seeing places I’ve never been before. I love hotels and restaurants and airport food (yes, I am that person). But a trip to the Pacific time zone and back in two days is a bit much. And I’m sure we all reach that point when we’re traveling, that you just want to get home. No more sitting on the runway. No more making conversation with strangers. No more trying to sleep and not laying your head on the shoulder of the guy next to you (unless of course, he is cute . . . that is a joke.) No more hurrying up to wait. No more. Just home. Where it’s quiet. Comfortable. Utterly familiar. Where your sheets smell like Tide Pure Essentials and are tucked in just right.

I love my job. I love the rush of deadlines and seeing a magazine through from start to finish. I love that I get to speak truth into teenager’s lives. I love that God has allowed me to use my talents to serve Him. I love that the mistakes I’ve made as a teen and adult and what I’ve learned in my relationship with God have proven useful and vital to this magazine. But there’s also that point when the deadlines become heavy; the clutter of all the mail is too much; and the questions from team members don’t seem to stop. I’m tired of that, too.

Sometimes, I just get tired. Bone-weary tired. And I’m kind of there right now. I know it will all pass. I know I only have these moments and I cherish them.

But I also sort of wish I was asleep. In my bed. With the good-smelling sheets.With my pillow. And my dog. OK, maybe not her. She puts her feet in my back.

So, today is the last day before the weekend of celebration in Missouri with my family. Rest is on the horizon. And I’m going to savor it this weekend!


One thought on “When a week lasts a year”

  1. I love the feel of my sheets and the way my pillow conforms to my head…especially at first when the pillow case is cool against the skin. OK…time to go back to bed…

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