A weekend of surprises

My birthday (for those of you who don’t know) is on Thursday. But a few friends decided to celebrate with me on Friday night. . . but wouldn’t tell me exactly what they had planned. I was told when they would pick me up, to dress casually, to eat a snack beforehand, and to bring a change of clothes, which had to be dressy clothes.

Yeah. . . think on that. Leaves a lot open to interpretation, huh? Doesn’t help when they’re telling you bogus answers to your questions about why you had to bring fancy clothes to change into.

Maybe the best way to tell the story is through pictures. Ready? Let’s go.

Since I was bored with my hair, I decided to test out the new hot rollers. Um, yeah. It was big. I brushed most of it out.

Next stop: Carnton Plantation in Franklin for the ghost tour. Which was only scary because all old houses are creepy by candlelight and the clock started chiming at a inopportune moment. It was a ton of fun, though, if you like ghost stories. Which I do.

Next, we went back to Mindy’s and got dressed up. I still didn’t know where we were going. And as we drove toward downtown, I asked if they were taking me to Hooters—I really hoped they weren’t!

Then, the reveal: THE MELTING POT!


I was happy about this turn of events. No, I mean really happy.


Let me just say this: before going to the Melting Pot, I thought I didn’t like fondue. All my other experiences with it have not been memorable or tasty or anything I wanted to repeat. But, it turns out that when you have good fondue, it is AMAZING! We had cheese fondue to start with, our entree, and the beautiful dessert platter with Cookies N’ Cream Marshmallow Dream chocolate fondue. I mean, just look at it:


Sorry, that’s pretty much after I’d attacked it.

I mean what’s not to like at The Melting Pot? Fun waiter. Good food. Sweet friends. Being dressed up. and as an added plus, I even got to steam my pores.


My dermatologist would be so proud. 🙂

Thank you, sweet friends, for all that you have done to make my birthday special. You guys are wonderful, and I’m so happy I get to call you my friends. 🙂


5 thoughts on “A weekend of surprises”

  1. Hi there Mandy,

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and I’m so glad you enjoyed your experience at The Melting Pot! Did you get a chance to try the new Alpine Big Night Out? I know, the cheese and dessert courses are my absolute favorite!!! Take care, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

  2. so much cooler than what i thought which was making you dress up to go to the Wildhorse.

    is it weird if i think the hot roller hair is better than a couple of those styles from that entry about your new hair or whatever?

  3. I agree – the Melting Pot is awesome! Ryan and I went last year for our anniversary. We did the 4 course meal – it was AMAZING! I really want to do it again but it’s a long night out since we have to drive 90 minutes to STL (but totally worth it), we just haven’t had the time. Glad you had fun! Enjoy your birthday week 🙂

  4. it was a fun night, and the Melting Pot is awesome. Much more awesome than being forced to dress up and go to the Wildhorse (Scott: you have your right to your opinion about my hair.) 🙂

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