Is it Wednesday? What day IS this? And what’s my name again?

Let me just tell you all, having an off-site meeting on Monday has really messed me up week-wise. I kept thinking yesterday was Monday because it was the first day I had to wear business casual and no denim below the waist. But it was Tuesday. And that makes today Wednesday. . . which means DISPATCHES! And now, since my incessant, slightly senile rambling is over, let’s get on with the show!

• Yesterday, I heard myself described as a disgruntled customer. When I was going out of my way to be polite and was not disgruntled, angry, or treating the people in question with anything other than respect. You need a little background on this story, don’t you? (Make that sound Wayne and Garth make when they’re doing flashbacks. OK, I’m ready now.) On Friday, I went to get the emissions test done on my car. You have to do this in Tennessee in order to get your tags renewed. I waited about 30-40 minutes to have this done, paid my $9, and went home and took a nap. (Yes, I am old.) On Saturday when I went to renew my tags online, it didn’t work. The site kept saying they didn’t have a valid inspection report on file for me. Which was frustrating because I was holding one in my hands! But the VIN number was wrong. So, I had to go back yesterday, wait in the LONG line again, and inform them of the mistake. I did all of this very patiently and politely and truly wasn’t angry. I just wanted the situation rectified! The good news is that they didn’t charge me for the second test. The bad news is that they called me disgruntled (I’ll show them disgruntled!) and never apologized. Oh, well. It is fixed.

• I need a new iron. I just realized mine has been in steady use since 1997, and it’s not really performing at the top of the game anymore. And that’s a long lifespan for an iron that’s not of a particularly high quality. And, by the way, I’m fairly sure my iron was plugged in all day yesterday and all night. Yeah. Let that sink in. Miracle of God, my house did not burn to the ground! But I think I need a new iron. Any suggestions? Keep in mind, I do iron alot.

• Last week, I bought some hot rollers. OK, I haven’t been interested in curling my hair since, oh, maybe high school. Because my hair doesn’t take to curls well. And there are never enough hot rollers to get all of my hair curled. But I bought some and had great fun with them. Except I made my hair quite big and very crazy. Someday, I’ll do it again and take a picture. Today is not that day!

• The new season of TV is now in full swing. “The Office” started last week, as did “Fringe,” a sci-fi show I don’t really understand and/or always like. . . but then there’s Joshua Jackson. And. I . still. love. Pacey.

• Yesterday, I had to mail 50 T-shirts, 50 magazines, and various and sundry things to Portland, Oregon, for a focus group Mike and I are doing there next week. But a box that could hold all of that COULD NOT be located in our department. That led to going to the basement of LifeWay and batting our eyelashes at the guy who handles a lot of the mailing. He was happy to help, but didn’t really have a box big enough. So, the search continued. We did find one, after a little dumpster diving and walking through areas of LW I’m fairly sure we weren’t supposed to be in. Oh, well. Big Box went out yesterday.

• My mom was cleaning out a closet at their house when I talked to her yesterday. She found a social studies test of mine from what we decided was fifth grade and she seemed impressed that I had made 100 on it. My response? I was good at social studies back then. Then, I said that I probably would fail that same test now. So she asked me some of the questions. We both decided I was smarter in fifth grade.

• My friend Tim is doing his Fun Run again this year. It’s on October 31 in Spring Hill. I plan on running the 10K distance. Now, Running and I just have to work out our differences. Which basically means I need to man up, accept responsibility, and go for a run!

Well, there was something I wanted to tell you. . . but I can’t remember what it is. Which brings this post full-circle and proves that at almost 31 years old, I am already a slightly senile, dotty old lady. Bring me the early bird special and tuck the afghan around my feet—they’re cold.

Oh, and have a happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Right before Olivia woke up, Peter looked so much like Pacey – it was totally a Pacey look, not a Peter look. OK, I know what I mean!

  2. wait, you heard them call you disgruntled? what idiots, THEY are the ones who screwed up. ARRRGGGHHGH

    i died my hair one summer BECAUSE i saw Pacey do it. lame.

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