I’ve got nothing

It’s the National Youth Workers Convention at work, meaning extra hours for me and others on our staff. And in a week in which the sheer number of things on my calendar had me stressed out before it even started, finding something to write about seems, well, next to impossible. In short, I’ve got nothing.

I could write about the fact that the best way to shake up your life and realize how set in your ways you are is to have company. Especially when said company comes with a 10-month-old baby. I could write about how it’s probably not the best idea to rely on Advil PM to help you sleep. I could write about the mix of people you see at conferences and the things you can learn just by watching people interact. I could write about how I have misplaced my lunch bag (I think it’s in the back seat of Jason and Amber’s truck) and how abandoned and lame I feel to be bringing my lunch to work in a Kroger bag. I could write about the amount of crazy emails I get from PR people pushing products, people, or events that I honestly am never going to promote in the magazine. I could write about the special, magical nature of McDonald’s orange juice or the power of a sausage Egg McMuffin (judge if you must!). I could write about how much I hate feeling ignored or not good enough. I could write about how I can’t seem to complete an expense report on time ever anymore or how much I hate completing the end of the year report (our fiscal year ends at the end of September).

But I won’t. Because I’m too tired. Because that takes effort. Because, honestly, right now I can barely form a coherent thought, much less words.

So, I give you this. A lot of words that don’t add up to much. But tomorrow will be better.

Plus, I’m only guaranteed today. I best enjoy it! 😉


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