All I wanna to do. . .

You guys! It’s Heart day! HEART!

We’re talking “Barracuda,” “Crazy on You,” “Magic Man,” and “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You.” (Which seemed a little scandalous to me when I finally figured out what it was about when I was younger.) But I digress. I’m going to see Heart tonight. At the Ryman, which happens to be one of my favorite venues EVER.

The Heart concert is my birthday gift to Mindy, who loves Heart and celebrates her birthday on Saturday. But it’s amazingly awesome that Mindy likes Heart and I get to go with her, because sometimes the whole event-as-a-gift idea gets a bit messy—meaning you have to go to thing you don’t necessarily want to see. Like when I was a kid and my dad took my brother to see WrestleMania. My brother was estactic and came home with a foam finger and chatter about Rowdy Roddy Piper; my dad just looked tired and a little bit bored. While I may leave the Ryman tired tonight, I doubt that I’ll be bored!

Concerts can be interesting social experiments. If you really like a band and take someone along to the show—a friend, a date, a random stranger—who either doesn’t know the band or doesn’t love them as much as you do, you want them to like the show. No, you want them to see why you love this band and come to love them, too. You want them to have fun. Somewhere in there, taking this person to see this group you really like becomes opening up a bit of yourself to that person. You want to share something you love with someone else and you want them to like it. If they do, you’re ecstatic. If they don’t, you begin to wonder if somehow the whole experience has become a way judge or evaluate you. You feel like you’ve shared something very intimate with this person and by his/her boredom, nonchalance, or non-interest, he/she passing judgment on you. The same can be true of anything you really like—a baseball team, a band, a church, whatever. If it’s important to you and you offer to share it with someone else, you’re putting yourself out there. And sometimes, the person’s rejection of that thing becomes a rejection of you in your mind.

Case and point: one time I went on a date with a guy who asked me what some of my favorite movies were. I mentioned Field of Dreams, a perennial favorite since I was in junior high, Almost Famous, and Elizabethtown. The guy dogged these movies, and not in a good-natured, teasing way that was enjoyable. Nope, he just dissed the movies and went on with the conversation. I sat in the passenger’s seat feeling kind of attacked, because he had called the movies I liked “off color” and made a judgment about me because of them. And had begun to see me as a project.

I understand that not everyone has to love the same movies I do, and I realize that some of those movies include themes, topics, situations, and language that isn’t exactly great or a great light for my Christian witness. I understand that sometimes believers need to help other Christians see sin or areas of disobedience in their lives, which may have been what he thought he was doing. But he didn’t really know me, and it didn’t come across that way. And there’s something in all of those movies that speaks to me. And when he dissed them and said what he did, it felt like he was dissing me. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t go much further.

I don’t expect tonight to be like that, though. Mindy loves Heart, probably more so than me. So it will be a fun time with a good friend, enjoying the stylings of Ann and Nancy Wilson from the balcony of the Ryman. Which is actually some of the best seats in the house.


8 thoughts on “All I wanna to do. . .”

  1. And if they don’t, you’re going to launch yourself from the balcony onto the stage and start grabbing guitars. You’ll play the opening bars yourself. Then, you’ll push Nancy and Ann away from the mics and scream, ‘This is how you play a concert! I am a golden god(des)!’

    Sorry, I don’t know where that came from. Except from Almost Famous and a little Robert Plant.

  2. Well, he was more dissing Almost Famous and Elizabethtown, b/c really, who could be mean about Field of Dreams? And still be HUMAN?!

    I’m fairly sure—even though that commercial was cool—that I won’t want a Honda Odyssey. 😉

  3. i have heard about the Elizabethtown, and chalk up my love for it being because of the time in my life when i saw it. the acting is pretty subpar, so i can see why people don’t like it, but the story is still good.

    however, i would put AF up there with FoD….seriously.

  4. I’m sure part of my love for Elizabethtown is the stage of life when I saw it, too. I know it’s not overly well acted and most people I tell about it hate it after watching it. I also just LOVE the road trip/music for the moments part of the movie. It’s genius.

    Agreed on AF.

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