What not to say

Spurred on by some recent events in my life and an event I have to go to soon called “10 Things Every Single Needs to Know” (my question is, are these things JUST single people need to know?), I offer you these tips for those who are married/attempting to talk with single (particularly women) friends and/or fix them up/socially awkward in slightly personal conversations:

• If you find yourself using the phrase I hated when people asked me this, stop talking. Remember how you felt when people asked you whatever it was, understand you *might* be making your friend feel that way, and stop while you are ahead.

• Don’t ask dumb questions. Yes, there are such things as dumb questions. They come in the form of things like Do you date? (No, I am diametrically opposed. *That is sarcasm*) or How are you still single? or the ever-popular one among old men who you consider grandfatherly figures: I bet you just have guys lining up out the doors, don’t ya? Yeah. People have asked those all in the last few weeks. They weren’t meant as digs—most were meant as compliments—but they didn’t come off that way.

• If you’re going to attempt The Fix-up between two people you know, do not enter into this lightly. Don’t barely know both of the parties involved. Don’t pick a person who does not share a belief or possess a quality the other person feels is vitally important. At all costs, strive to lower the awkward factor.

• Think things through before you speak. Remember the lemon/lemonade post of a few weeks back? But this advice isn’t just for when you’re talking with singles. We all have things we wish we hadn’t said or things we should have thought more about before saying. Filters are good things!

I’d offer more, but I’ve got nothing. And I’m hungry, slightly grumpy, congested, and have a meet n’ greet to get to in 25 minutes. So, I’ll just leave you with these ideas. Feel free to enter the conversation.

And, I promise, I won’t post about awkward single moments and singleness for awhile. I am even annoying myself.

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