Bring in the clowns.

I say something I think is funny, then laugh uproariously. As I’m wiping the tears from my mirthful eyes, I gaze around the room and realize that no one else is laughing. They’re just staring at me.

That, my friends, is generally how my jokes go off. I laugh; no one else thinks I’m funny. (I personally think I’m hilarious, but I am kind of biased. You know, for the obvious reasons.)

But lately, guys, something weird has been happening. People think I’m funny. On Facebook.

A friend/acquaintance of mine from church often tells me my status updates make her laugh. About a week ago, I got a message on FB from someone I don’t even know all that well and hadn’t seen in like forever telling me that I was one of the funniest people on his list of FB friends. Last week, another friend told me I cracked her up with my status updates.

I was kind of taken aback. Because, guys, most of the time I am aware that my jokes are veering toward lame. (But I still laugh, b/c I’m weird.) But all this attention on my FB status has made things a little weird, because now I feel pressured to be funny. When I sit down to update my status, I feel the need to entertain. I want to deliver, not bore.

And it’s so much more difficult to be funny under pressure. And I’m in this weird place where it sort of feels like my status update has become performance art rather than an actual reflection of what is going on in my life, or, even scarier, my head. Plus, having never been considered one of the funny people, I don’t know how to handle this notoriety. Because, frankly, it’s all a bit weird! 😉

I’m fairly sure I’ll lose my quirky charm soon. And then, things will go back to normal—with me laughing while everyone else stares.


2 thoughts on “Bring in the clowns.”

  1. When we lived together, Charity and I always laughed at our own jokes. Many times people would ask us to repeat because we were laughing so hard people couldn’t understand us. Maybe people aren’t laughing because they can’t understand you.


    Maybe you found the right medium for your humor to be fully appreciate. i.e. Facebook status updates.

    Either way, I think you are funny. 🙂

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