Kitchen comeback

You all know about the culinary catastrophe that destroyed Wednesday night’s dinner. After a terrible run this afternoon, I came home pretty apathetic about dinner and fairly sure I wasn’t going to cook a thing.

Then, I turned on Food Network as I was drinking my Powerade and lamenting my lameness during my too-short, too-slow run. And Paula Deen was on. Making fried chicken and some dessert-y thing called lemon blossoms. I didn’t have the ingredients to make the lemon blossoms, but the fried chicken sounded good.

So, I went into the kitchen, mixed up the flour and other stuff to make the coating. Next came this:
chicken frying

Followed by this:

And ending with this:

Yeah, I’ve still got it.

You know you want to come over for dinner.

(And no, despite being inspired by Paula, I did not use copious amounts of butter.)


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