Oh, dear readers, it’s Dispatches Day! In my mind, you all woke up excited about that. You did not have strange dreams like me and wake up with all of the available blankets on your bed on top of you so that you were sweltering. Anyway, it’s Dispatches and let’s get on to the fun stuff. Or at least I think it’s fun. You don’t have to 🙂

• On my way to work, I got behind a woman about my mom’s age driving a Subaru. Which is fine. But the back had those bullet hole decal things all over it. It just seemed weird to me that a grown woman my mom’s age was driving that car to her office job. Maybe her car was in the shop and she had to borrow her son’s. Or maybe she likes the idea of bullet holes on her car. Stranger things have happened.

• Last night, I watched Catch and Release on TV. OK, it’s not even that great of a movie. It does have Jennifer Garner, whom I adore, but it’s not that great of a movie. But, it was more fun to watch this time (yes, I saw it in the theater) because it’s set in Boulder and there is a big “Bolder Boulder” sign on the wall of the house everyone seems to live in. Since I ran that 10K in May, I thought that was pretty cool! 🙂

• This morning while getting ready for work, I heard a news story about the role of testosterone in taking chances with money. It sort of cracked me up. The anchor/reporter even said: “All people have testosterone; men just have more. It has been linked to competitiveness and risky behavior.” I laughed and laughed.

• I’m going to Missouri this weekend. I’m leaving on Saturday morning and coming back to Nashville on Sunday. Yes, that’s crazy. But it will be worth it.

• My car hit empty this morning on the way to work. (Yes, this is a theme in my life.) Who would like to help me out if said car is out of gas on the roof parking lot? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

• I had an interesting conversation with a coworker/church acquaintance/friend yesterday. It’s always, always, always scary when people start the conversation with “So, do you date? Are you dating anyone? Am I annoying you by asking these questions?” It just got more awkward from there. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. 😦

• Today is the second anniversary of my grandma’s funeral. If you want to read the thoughts of sad Mandy, go here.

• I still need suggestions on my list of 31 things. Get creative! We’re running out of time.

• On Friday, my department and some others involved in student stuff here at work are having a “Fun Day.” We’re going bowling and to an arcade. We did it last year, too, and surprisingly it wasn’t as much like an episode of “The Office” as you think. Hopefully, I’ll win something this time around! 🙂

Anyway, have a great day! Call/email if you need me! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. I didn’t like that movie so much, either. And you driving to MO this weekend isn’t half as crazy as us all driving to MS two weekends ago. It took 9 hours to get to Daddy’s. CRAZY!!!

  2. Yeah. It was pretty depressing. The whole “your fiance died, then you find out he lied to you big time” plot was a bit hard to take. Yet I watched it all. Again. I need a life.

  3. Something to add to your list – have a birthday cake remix at a Cold Stone…random, I know, but it seems appropriate and SO yummy!

    My office is having a “filing day” on SATURDAY! We have a new boss who apparently thinks the current filing system isn’t good enough and since we’re swamped M-F, he thought it would be best to come in on Sat. to tackle the situation. There will be no bowling involved. 😦

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