31 things

As many of you know, I love my birthday. Growing up with a twin brother meant that my parents have always made a big deal about our birthday. (But I guess that it’s kind of hard not to when your children are born week early, there’s an unexpected extra, and they weigh only 7 pounds combined. But by God’s grace, Jason and I grew up to become the people we are today—and our parents have survived “parenthood”. . . so far!) But anyway, I love my birthday. Even if this year I’ll be celebrating 31 years of life.

Not long ago, a friend of mine from college celebrated her 28th birthday, and I was intrigued by her idea to do 28 things for her birthday. It wasn’t big, major, or expensive things. Just 28 things she loved and/or wanted to do. Things like going to a 7-11 and eating at Qdoba. I thought the idea was genius and immediately began work on my own list of 31 things. When I told Mindy and Alisha about the idea, they said I should do the 31 things in the 31 days preceding my birthday. I like that idea, but in order for it to happen, I’d have to get the list finished and start doing one thing a day by next Monday (August 31). That time also spans Mindy’s birthday, and I would prefer to make her birthday about her rather than about me. I’ve also tossed around the idea of doing one thing each day of October, in effect celebrating my birthday all month long, but am still unsure. And for that to work, there’d have to be things I could do in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, etc., when Mindy and I go to New England the third week of October.

So, I’d love your opinions on when and how to do the 31 things. I’d also love your ideas for some of the 31 things I could do, because the list I’ve compiled stops at 12, which is when I ran out of time and creativity! Anyway, my list includes things like:

• sunflowers
• Baja Burrito
• Gigi’s cupcakes
• a sunny afternoon on a blanket in Centennial Park reading a book
• Sonic
• the turquoise Chuck Taylors I’ve been coveting and cannot find in my size (6.5 US womens, sometimes 7 in Converse)
• A visit to a used bookstore
• Live music
• Candy corn (no comments from the candy corn haters!)
• Holiday World/Amusement park of some sort
• Something Missouri in Tennessee (I’m not sure how this would play out, since baseball will be over and TN doesn’t seem to realize there is a state that borders them named Missouri)

I’ve also thought about the “haunted” tour at Carnton Plantation, visiting the Carter House in Franklin, and, well, that’s about it. Any input or ideas you have would be appreciated! 🙂


5 thoughts on “31 things”

  1. go to Graceland
    go to a Vandy game
    go to the Opry
    go to Dave and Busters
    go to the Maker’s Mark distillery during a trip to Elizabethtown (it’s east in Loretto)
    eat at Noshville
    go to Lynchburg to visit Jack Daniel’s

  2. Aw, you have tons of ideas!
    I went to Graceland when I was little and it was cheaper. . .
    I do want to go to the Civil Rights Museum, though.
    And I should give the Opry a chance. Particularly if Brad Paisley is there!

  3. When I drove to AL a couple of weeks ago, I drove past the Lynchburg exit. I actually got off on it to get something to eat and went to this other town where fast food service was neither good nor fast. . .

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