First of all

It seems this past week and weekend have been a series of firsts for me. Let’s discuss:

• On Saturday, I led my first conference. I was a conference leader. Sure, I’ve led meetings. I’ve led my team through story development and a redesign. But I haven’t been a conference leader. And I felt woefully incapable and stupid. But they seemed to listen to me, understand what I was teaching, and ask my advice on some things (which is weird, because I don’t feel capable of giving advice). One guy asked how old I was (he thought I was in my early 20s) and there was one sort of weird/awkward moment when I was chatting with two people in one of the sessions about Auburn. I’d made the group do an activity that involved figuring out what they had in common, and these two came up with that they both loved Auburn football and that their favorite all-time player was Bo Jackson. I told them about my friend Brandon’s customized Auburn Mustang (it’s painted the dark blue with orange accents. Interior, too.) The awkward comes from one woman’s reaction. She audibly gasped, then proceeded to glower at me. I’m guessing she was more of the “Roll Tide” persuasion. But the big thing is that I had to lead a conference and I survived!

• This morning, I tried the Women’s One-A-Day O2 packets. The idea is that like those little flavor packets that Crystal Light and all kinds of other companies have that you put in a bottle of water and drink. Same concept, only this one involves vitamins. I thought this would be ideal because it would be an easy way to take my vitamins, since I forget the pills, and it would get vitamins into my system more naturally and more quickly. Um, yeah. I didn’t think about vitamin aftertaste. And seriously, after about the fifth sip, this sent a shiver down my spine and aggravated my gag reflex. So does anyone want some Women’s One-A-Day O2 packets?

• Yesterday, I tried Cheerwine, a nice, little refreshing soft drink from our friends in North Carolina, for the first time. I liked it. So, I’ve discovered that NC has Cheerwine and KY has Ale 8 One. I don’t think Missouri has anything of the kind. Except for maybe, um, water. . . .and anything produced by Anheiser Busch? Anyway, this little southern trait of having your own state/regional soft drink is kind of cool. Are there others?

• On Saturday, I also celebrated another first: I tried Ethiopian food. And it wasn’t entirely gross. The bread (injera) took a bit of getting used to, since it was kind of a spongy texture. For someone who has texture issues, that made things interesting. But the bread is also your utensil and what you use to grab what you want to eat. It really had no taste, but kind of started to swell up in your stomach after awhile. The beef dish was really spicy but good. The lentils were quite good, and I especially liked the fresh tomato/jalapeno mixture. I didn’t know that was something they ate in Ethiopia, but whatever. We followed up this outing with Thai food after church on Sunday, but I’ve had Thai food before!

• This weekend, for the first time ever, I tried to rewire a lamp. It did not end well. Let’s just say that I ended up just buying a new base for the lamp shade. It doesn’t quite fit, but I think I can make it work, to quote Tim Gunn.

• I also drove into Ardmore, TN, for the first time this weekend. Tennessee, please put the mileage of HOW far the town is off the interstate exit so that hungry people don’t think they’ve made a bad mistake.

• OH! I almost forgot: this weekend is also the first time I’ve gotten a comment from someone who was supposedly on the TV show I was reviewing/discussing/making fun of. Check out the comment from “Billy Ray” on my Dating in the Dark recap from several weeks ago. OK, I have no idea if it’s really Billy Ray and have a sneaking suspicion it is not. It’s still funny. Now, if only FOX would pay me for blogging about AI. . .

Well, I think that’s it for firsts this weekend. Now I’m on to finding something to eat and getting to work. Have a happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “First of all”

  1. Sure! Go for it!
    That explains your love for Barq’s root beer. Sadly, I don’t like root beer. Which I typed as root bear. I don’t like root bears either—if they exist. 🙂

  2. i missed commenting on the DitD post, but Billy Ray seemed rather normal, and i think he got to the point of “F*** this, i don’t need it!”

    also, i hate Cheerwine, it’s like carbonated Robitussin.

  3. I had the diet cheerwine, so I can’t really comment on the real stuff.

    I actually enjoyed Billy Ray. He seemed to realize early on no one really fit with him and was just going to enjoy the insanely weird experience.

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