The princess and the pea

I’ve never been good at getting a good night’s sleep the first night in a new plac. Therefore, one-night trips are a terrible idea for me.

Let’s discuss last night.

I was staying at the Comfort Inn in Athens, AL, and had a king-sized bed and about 47 pillows. The a/c was on, the room, was cool, School of Rock was on the TV. It sounds like a recipe for falling asleep, but it wasn’t. The sheets didn’t feel right. The pillows weren’t fluffy or soft enough. I couldn’t seem to find the cool spot. The room smelled funny. The TV didn’t have a sleep function. The mattress didn’t magically fit to my contours.

So, I tossed and turn and slept lightly, waking up when someone ran up the stairs outside my door and again when another person staying at the motel slammed a car door shut. I dreamed some insane dreams and woke a full 15-20 minutes before the alarm went off, uncomfortable, wishing for the soft blue sheets on my own bed at home and my memory foam pillow.

Traveling is wonderful, but home is always a good place to be.

That said, I’m going to take a nap. On my bed. With my pillow.


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