On time? What?

Remember that whole “I-get-to-work-on-time-now” thing? Um, yeah, that’s over.

The sad part of this statement is that I picked out my clothes last night. I got my lunch ready. I set the alarm. I did everything right.

Except, well, whatever it actually takes for me to get to work on time.

The first thing that slowed me down this morning was my bedside lamp. It’s this cute lamp that I love from a gallery Mindy works at sometimes. But lately, it’s been behaving weirdly and shorting in and out. I’ve secretly been a little scared it might burn my house down. So this morning, I woke up and tried to get it to come on, but it just made this electrical noise and never would come on and stay on. And guys, my alarm goes off at 5:15 a.m. You need light at this time of day and the lamplight helps ease you into full lighting. I ended up turning on my other lamp in my room, a lamp I’m not all that fond of, but it served its purpose. I unplugged the offending bedside lamp. I’m wondering if I can fix my lamp, because I do love it so! Anyway, though, the lamp controversy kind of sucked some time right out of my morning.

Next came walking the dog, feeding the dog, fixing the coffee, and reading the Bible. All of that continued much as usual. But somehow, drying my hair took longer than usual, even though I turned up the hair dryer’s heat setting to high. Then I had to iron my pants, which admittedly, I should have done last night but my excuse is that I was watching “Dating in the Dark” and eating chocolate chip cookies. While ironing my pants, I sort of burned my hand by touching the side of my hand to the side of the iron. Fun times!

Then I decided I still had time (?) to make a nice little breakfast sandwich involving an egg. So I made the egg, prepared the biscuit, and got my lunch and coffee all together. I got Muffin in her bed and put the gate up so that she could spend the day in the kitchen. At some point in assembling the breakfast sandwich I realized that I hadn’t picked up a ponytail holder before coming downstairs. I reasoned that I could go on without it and just deal with it when I ran this afternoon, but quickly decided this was a stupid idea. I ran upstairs to retrieve the ponytail holder and grabbed my briefcase bag while I was up there, thinking actually using it would be better than balancing the files I’ve been carting back and forth and the coffee cup.

Finally, after all that, I was out the door. I’m just waiting to see what it is that I’ve forgotten!

Because this, folks, sadly is my life! It’s all downhill after 30. Don’t believe what they say! 😉

(OK, I’m kidding!)

I am wearing a vest today. A vest. When last we spoke, I had happily left vests in the early 1990s. Then, I saw this vest while shopping on Saturday and it was on sale and tax exempt. So I got it. Weigh in with your thoughts!


(Sorry for the ugly pic; I only had my phone to use to take said picture. And sorry for my weird face. Though I can’t do much to change that.)

Please be in prayer for my friend Mindy and her family as they grieve. Mindy’s grandfather passed away on Sunday. The visitation is later today and the funeral will be on Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “On time? What?”

  1. It is a vest! I’ve already been described as wearing a Jonas brothers vest. I might have to change. . .

    Slacker. Not getting to work until 8:20. I had so much done before then.

    OK, not really.

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