Who’s excited?! It’s Dispatches Day! You should all celebrate—by buying me coffee and something sweet. Or flowers. Or, you know, not doing anything, which is what I’m sure you’ll all pick. 🙂

Oh, well, it was worth a try! Ready?

• I got really worried this morning when I was sitting at a stoplight and watching the people in the other lane turn left onto Broadway in downtown Nashville because I thought a seventh or eighth grade boy was driving this massive Suburban. “He” looked very scrawny and very young. Upon further inspection, I discovered it was a woman with an unfortunate school boy haircut who was very skinny and very doe-eyed. I’m sorry, Lady. I thought you were a junior high boy!

• Does it make me any less of a person to have really enjoyed a sing-along to Bare Naked Ladies on my way to work? (OK, people, it’s a band and not a new one. And if you searched that term looking for something else, first of all, shame on you and second of all, you won’t find that here.)

• I know you’re tired of hearing me complain about this, but I think I have another sinus infection. Yay! (I almost typed “infestation,” which sounds terrible. A sinus infestation. Eww. Last weekend, I typed Obama’s beer summit as a “bear summit,” though. Maybe I need help?)

• I went to hear William Fitzsimmons at Grimey’s last night on my friend Scott’s recommendation. It’s funny that such depressing music got me in such a good mood. He really does make absurdly and depressingly beautiful music and is full of sarcastic comments and jokes that had me laughing out loud. Too bad other people at the store weren’t. One time, he had to tell them something was a joke. (Mindy, I didn’t take any pictures because it sort of felt like taking a picture during a funeral with him singing about a marriage falling apart. But to see the beard, go here.) His music is beautiful, spare, and lush at the same time. It makes me think of plainsong, to use a music term. The lyrics are simple, but pull at your heartstrings, like “we will love again, just not each other.” Beautiful, simple, heartbreaking, true. And I have no idea why I tend to like music that’s slightly to majorly depressing. One of my favorite Ryan Adams’ songs is “Dear John,” which is basically a letter from a woman to her dead husband—or at least that’s what I’ve always thought it was about.

• I heated something up in the microwave this morning that contained Asiago cheese. And apparently, it smelled. Oops! I can’t smell because I’m all stopped up!

• For all of you readers who live in Tennessee, the tax holiday weekend happens this weekend. If you’re not from here, Tennessee doesn’t have a state income tax, meaning our sales tax is a bit high. Periodically during back-to-school time, the government has a sales tax holiday on various items (clothing, school supplies, computers, etc.) that people will be buying more of at back-to-school time. I may be forced to buy me some clothes. Like I need more.

I think that’s it for today. So far, anyway! Be sure to leave me some comments. I enjoy chatting with you crazy readers! 🙂


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