On a rainy Wednesday morning when I’m admittedly in a bad mood, I don’t know how uplifting or funny these dispatches will be. You be the judge!

• Today is VBS celebration day/bring your kid to work day. It is crazy. The cafeteria serves things like hot dogs. I sort of want to close my door and hide. All. Day. Long.

• I created some sort of chicken enchilada casserole dish last week simply because I had chicken breast, enchilada sauce, tortillas that were going to waste, a jalapeno and other ingredients that seemed to fit an enchilada themed casserole. So I cooked the chicken in the enchilada sauce in a crock pot all day, then broke it up and layered it with other ingredients into a square baking dish. I topped it off with cheese and it was yummy. Then, I brought it for lunch several times because there was a whole square baking dish of it to eat. My coworkers (the women) thought it really looked good and wanted the recipe. I was like, “um, there’s really not one. I kind of flew by the seat of my pants.” One of my friends at work said that she never cooked without recipes. That’s astounding to me because while I love my cookbooks and trying out new recipes, a lot of my cooking is recipe-free. I’ve created pasta dishes full of the stuff I like. I’ve made some disastrous casseroles I’d never serve to anyone else. But I’ve also developed some winning recipes that have stayed in my cooking rotation, like Greek pasta, Pasta a Mandy (involving Asiago cheese cream sauce, sundried tomatoes, prosciutto/bacon, mushrooms, and penne), and the afore-mentioned enchilada casserole.

• I’m going to pick up my Kings of Leon tickets this afternoon. If for some reason this is all a joke, I will be sorely disappointed!

• Yesterday, I had an extreme case of writer’s block. Everything I wrote for some devotion theme intros was terrible and forced. Not a good day for me as a writer. So I ended up surfing the Web a lot, looking for inspiration and trying to break out of the “I’m-the-worst-writer-ever” mode. Which meant I watched some videos on YouTube (have you seen the JK Wedding one?) and basically got nothing accomplished. If I annoyed you with e-mails yesterday, I apologize. Today, I have to make corrections to the 11/09 issue. I will be busy.

• “Dating in the Dark.” That’s kind of all I can say. Except that I have a sneaking suspicion I may watch more episodes. It’s so dumb, yet so captivating. And some of the people this last time were so, well, vapid and shallow. I wasn’t a huge fan of the guy who actually walked away. I didn’t think he was cute, thought using the straight iron to style his hair was a bit much, and thought he dressed well, if a bit preppy. But I do give him props for making a mature decision not to pursue a relationship with a girl because the same things weren’t important to them.

• I would like you all to know that I have folded and put away all my laundry! Yay! Aren’t you proud? I’ve also had several days of preparing my lunch at night for the next day. And I’m sort of getting to work on time. While I might still need help, I think I’m going to survive!

• I would still like to go to Holiday World. Does that make me weird?

Andy Davis is playing 12th and Porter on Saturday night. Anyone want to go? On Twitter, Andy advised wearing “something classy.” I’m willing to bet he’ll be wearing his super V-neck shirt, possibly a velvet blazer (which I oddly love), and his hat. You know I’m right.

• I had a dream about my friend Dawn last night. I was at my parents’ house and she came by for a visit. Dawn recently found out she is having a boy, so I’m guessing I had that on my mind. I woke up kind of sad, because we had a nice visit in that dream and I haven’t seen Dawn in real life for quite some time.

• That reminds me: I’m annoyed by people on Twitter and other Web sites who confuse QUIET and QUITE. Not the same. But them I’m sort of dyslexic about say and saw.

• Alisha and I ran yesterday and ran our 3 miles at a faster pace than we have been. Yay, us!

Enough for today! Writing this has helped me get in a better mood. I hope you all have a happy Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. i’m definitely watching dating in the dark again. it was so awful, yet so intriguing. all the guys were jerks, and that token Christian girl made me cringe. i wonder if the people on the balcony can yell down at the people walking away. that would be awesome!

  2. Oh, that would add a new dimension of awkward awesome. Because I would be tempted to. I just didn’t want that one arrogant guy to leave the so-called “bigger” girl out there and destroy her self-esteem. I would have had to find him and beat him up.

  3. was that the guy with the receding hairline? as if he had room to talk about imperfections. he didn’t seem to mind that chick when he was making out with her!

  4. Yes, that’s him! And that’s my thoughts exactly. I was like, “Dude, you just made out with her in the dark and said all kinds of nice things to her.” Jerk. Prediction: relationship will not last.

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