It’s a mystery!

I have an office at work. Not a cubicle, an office. With a door and a lock. (This line of reasoning is not to make people who work in cubes feel inferior. I’ve had a cube before. At times, I liked it better. and my office isn’t that big and the walls aren’t thick, so we just talk through them to each other. Seriously!)

Anyway, each day when I leave work, I close my door. It’s something I do every day. Grab my stuff, walk out the door, close it. And the door locks when it is pulled closed.  This morning when I got to work, my door was wide open. Not just cracked, like I didn’t get it all the way closed yesterday and someone bumped it. Not just halfway open; we’re talking wide open, pushed almost back to the wall.

It’s not trash day. Nothing appears to be disturbed, and as far as I know, none of my team members left me anything in my office. And my office, is pretty neat, so I think I’d notice something missing or disturbed. I’ve asked all the support staff if anyone asked for a key or if they saw if I happened to leave my door open last night when I left. So far, I’ve got nothing.

But I’m thinking all those Nancy Drew books, Forensic Files episodes, and mystery movies have prepared me well for this event. I will sleuth this out.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking I should leave “traps” for the office invader. What do you suggest?


3 thoughts on “It’s a mystery!”

  1. I’ve used the webcam on my Macbook for such sleuthing. USB motion sensor to wake the sleeping Macbook and activate the camera. Turn the screen brightness all the way down to keep from tipping off your suspect.

    Caught a couple kids raiding my candy jar on the way to lunch, little turkeys.

  2. True. . . and cleaning crew comes through on Wednesday nights. I don’t know what happened. Since nothing appears to be missing, maybe I shouldn’t worry about it. :/

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