And things were going so well. . .

In a fit of “proactivity” last night, I decided to at least decide what I was going to wear today and at the least, put it where I could see it. Yes, I’d still have to iron the pants and press the shirt, but at least the battle of picking out my clothing (always a fun adventure) would already be fought.

And the plan worked remarkably well. Somehow, I got downstairs a little after 6:30 a.m. completely dressed and ready to pull my lunch together. (Let’s not discuss the fact that I may be sporting not one, but two or more, dress code violations. I don’t care!) I got my lunch assembled from the various leftovers taking up residence in my fridge and headed out the door.

This, my friends, is where things started to get a bit—well, like all those other mornings when I get to work late and can’t really explain how. I walked out the door, put my stuff in the car, and noticed that my neighbor John and I were the only two people in our area of the complex who still had their trash cans pulled out to the curb. (Yesterday was trash day.) Since the homeowners’ association is already mad at me (also: I DON’T CARE!). Well, apparently, I do care, because I decided pulling the trashcans back to their place against the building would be nice. Yes, even John’s; I had a whole conversation with myself about whether or not I would also retrieve it, and I was reasoning both sides of the issue. Finally, I decided it was a small way I could serve him.

So after getting the trash cans back in their rightful spots, I got in the car. It’s about 6:45 a.m. now. I still have time to get to work. So, off we go. And really, traffic wasn’t too bad, even though I did try to merge into a BMW at one point. (BLIND SPOT!) Then, IT happened. I was trying to get a drink of coffee and my travel mug was being all weird because nothing was really coming out. So, I did what any normal person would do: I shook it.

Yes, this is stupid. I know this. Why it didn’t occur to me before I made a small coffee splash zone in my car, I don’t know.

It also wasn’t my favorite moment when I realized my happy little farm T-shirt (it has the pic of a farm on it. It’s hard to explain. I think it’s funny, so I wear it. It may be a dress code violation.) So, dear readers, I got to work. Right at 7 a.m. . . . with a big ol’ coffee stain on my shirt.

I’ve since taken measures to repair the damage, but now I’m sporting a big wet spot on my shirt. At least that will dry. Soon, I hope. . . .

Oh, well, it’s Friday. Like anyone cares!


7 thoughts on “And things were going so well. . .”

  1. a picture of the farm, like a photo on the shirt? was the stain kind of like a shadow or something? it could have blended.

    (i would have dragged the neighbor’s trash can too)

  2. It’s not a photo; it’s a cartoon. I should take a picture. I would now but said shirt is in the pile of laundry that is threatening to overtake my closet. The stain was next to the sun and therefore, didn’t make much sense. . . 🙂

  3. Oh my friend, I identify. My parents called me “Messy Marvin” (remember him from the old Hershy’s Syrup commercial?)when I was little, and well – the nickname has stuck for a reason.

    On a funny sidenote – ask Alisha about the time I had to bring a pair of jeans to the lab for her. 🙂

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