Since my dog woke me up at 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. (she was sick, apparently) I’m legitimately a bit ditzy today. I mean more than normal. So basically, all I have to offer you are some random dispatches sure to brighten your day. (Even if that’s not true, just pretend to my face that it is.)

• Yesterday, I had to go to the dermatologist. My appointment was at 11:10 a.m., over lunch hour. At least that was the plan. I got there a few minutes before 11 a.m. and sat in the waiting room until 11:47 a.m. This, my friends, is not cool. I understand running behind, but this is a LONG time to be running behind. I mean, were there skin emergencies? Acne accidents? This is a dermatologist! What could back you up that long? Maybe they found skin cancer on someone. . . I don’t know. I just know that leaving your patient in the waiting for that long is not cool. Not cool at all!

• I left straight from the doctor’s appointment to a meeting that I’d skipped the beginning of and was supposed to be in all afternoon off-site. Yeah. When I got there, they were pretty much finished for the day. Basically, I got to eat ice cream with them and couldn’t add much to the conversation because I’d just picked up right in the middle. Fun times! NASA shirt did not, as I had hoped, make me smarter. Oh, well.

• My big plan for the night last night was to watch the All Star game from beginning to end, including all the pre-game stuff. I realize that I love the game of baseball and am one of those people who get emotionally involved in everything, but when I saw Cardinal greats like Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, and Stan the Man, I totally got teary. The video package with the five living U.S. presidents about people who are heroes also brought on some emotionalism. I’ve just decided to give up and embrace my teary-eyedness. I’m Mandy, and I cry a lot. And about baseball. And old men in red jackets. And Publix commercials around Christmas.

• I got to pretend to be smart yesterday when my friend Alisha showed me the research lab where she’s doing her graduate work. I got to see human cancer cells in dishes! OK, I couldn’t really see them without a microscope, but I did get to see them. I wouldn’t hold them though! It was fun being in a workspace that’s totally different than mine working with people who are totally different than the people I work with. Hopefully, Alisha will hear about her paper soon and know if she’s getting to graduate before the end of summer.

• On Sunday morning, I had a really weird dream in which I was this blonde, cute girl who looked just like a college coed who was missing from her dorm/apartment (that wasn’t clear). Apparently, I was also some sort of undercover detective, because I was investigating her disappearance. But for some reason, we didn’t want anyone to know she was missing and I looked so much like her that I was actually pretending to be her while I investigated. I have stopped trying to understand my dreams.

• I’m starting the day off with coffee and a Coke Zero chaser. This does not bode well!

• And finally, in honor of the sculptor who was in chapel (and the reason this post is so late) who sculpted while music played, I give you this video. (Danny Boy was one of the songs that played and reminded me of this. Which always makes me laugh!)


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