Really, did I just say that?

When I’m tired, I’m pretty much useless. Understand this before we proceed. Got it? USELESS. Annoying. Unable to function or process anything relatively quickly. Understand? Yes, well, let’s move on then.

Yesterday I pretty much woke up tired. I had fallen into a deep sleep right before I needed to get up (and had this crazy dream about me and/or the lead character who I was never quite sure WAS me, was investigating a disappearance of a girl at a college by pretending to be said girl—I didn’t say it made sense!). Anyway, I’d fallen deep asleep right before I need to get up, so when I did wake up, I wasn’t really happy about it. If you’ve ever woken up out of a deep sleep, you know that you’re usually a bit grumpy and it’s hard to get things rolling. So, I simply stumbled down the hallway of my parents house, had some breakfast, and attempted to wake up.

Later, I had to drive back to Nashville. Let me just say this: driving alot in one day also makes me tired. As I was driving into Nashville around 6:30 p.m., I thought it would be nice to swing by Qdoba and get a burrito and some chips to take home with me and eat while watching the Cardinals play the Cubs on ESPN. I stopped in, ambled up to the counter and ordered. And had to ask the guy preparing my burrito several times to repeat what he had just asked me because frankly, I just sort of spaced out. At one point, I actually called him “ma’am.” Yeah, that’s how it went down. As he was ringing up my order, he asked me if I was tired. Geeze, I thought, even he can tell. Then my brain said this: well, yeah, he can tell. You called him ma’am. You’ve been a complete space cadet in this restaurant. At that point, I simply paid for my food, told him to have a nice night, and left. Almost running. Because, really, what else could I do to salvage the situation. Nothing. Getting out and fast seemed to be the best response!

So raise you coffee mugs with me this morning and toast to me having it more together today! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Really, did I just say that?”

  1. i hope you paid with cash at Qdoba, otherwise he may one day pick up a copy of EC and go “oh, there’s that chick who called me ‘ma’am'”!

  2. Nope, I didn’t pay with cash. . . Do I ever even HAVE cash? Maybe I just should have launched into some Aerosmith: Dude looks like a lady! (Of course, he didn’t. But I called him ma’am.)

    I’m a loser.

  3. There is a definition of this kind of tired – stupid tired. The first few weeks of mommyhood are characterized by this excessive exhaustion that includes possibly forgetting what day (or week) it is, your birthdate, address, etc.

    Been there, done that and heading there now if I don’t get off of here and go to bed. Yay for coffee!

  4. Wow, I don’t even have kids! Imagine if I ever do. The kids and the world is in for a mess of trouble when exhausted Mandy hits the scene.

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