Ah, yes. It is Wednesday. And the most exciting thing on my work schedule is department meeting, solely because there will be food. (The most exciting part of my day will be a birthday dinner with my friend Rachel.)

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, which for you loyal readers is synonymous with “Dispatches.” Get excited! Here they come!

• I forgot to wear my ring today. I always wear a 3-stone diamond ring my parents gave me (not huge diamonds, ya’ll) on my right hand. So, I kind of feel naked without it today. Which, oddly, is also how I feel when I forget my cell phone at home. That’s a bit strange for me, too, since I am old enough to remember when we did not have cell phones and instant access to each other, the Internet, or whatever. I mean, my brother and I used to call my mom and dad to come pick us up on pay phones! PAY PHONES! Do those even still exist?

• Last night, I lost my cell phone. OK, I didn’t know I had “lost” it. I had talked with someone, then sat it down while I read a book. I thought that I’d sat it on the table next to the couch, but apparently just sat it beside me on the couch. The phone somehow fell between the seat and arm of my couch, then worked its way to the bottom lining of my couch. I was unaware of this until someone tried to call and I heard the ring, but couldn’t locate the phone. It sounded far away and muffled, which is exactly how a phone should sound when covered by foam, fabric, and the other materials that make up my couch. That began the process of getting the phone out of my couch’s lining. I ended up having to practically turn the couch over and perform minor surgery. I also cut my finger somehow in the process. Oh, well, the phone was retrieved and a Hello Kitty band-aid made the cut finger feel better.

• (BEWARE: this comment may come off as a rant. I don’t mean it to be so.) Music City is still in shock over the untimely death of former Titans quarterback Steve McNair. The whole situation is just sad and upsetting. The police have been slow in releasing details, wanting to get things right, and the media has been covering this story from absolutely every angle. Here’s my problem though: the media—well, the TV media—has been trying to sugarcoat some of the details. Like the fact that the married McNair was shot and killed by or with (hasn’t been officially called a murder/suicide) a 20-year-old girl he was having an affair with. In all the local media coverage I’ve heard, not one reporter has said “McNair was having an affair.” The closest they came to actually saying it was this morning, when they reported that “McNair and his wife were not divorcing,” which I think was their way of saying he was having an affair without actually saying the words. And the fact is, McNair was married. I don’t care how many times the media tells me he loved that girl or that he was smitten, the fact still remains that he was married. That he had made a commitment to his wife that was supposed to last forever. That he had 4 sons at home, the oldest only 3 years younger from the girl he was having an affair with. Please don’t take this as me saying that McNair should be villianized by the media or publicly ridiculed. I don’t think that. From all appearance, McNair was a pretty good guy who was making an effort to reach out to kids in poor neighborhoods and give back to his community. It appears he simply made a bad decision that led to very tragic consequences. But what he was doing—having an affair—was wrong. There’s no getting around that. The media may not want to say that and we may not like the light it casts on someone we thought of as a hero, but it’s the barest fact and the most basic truth. It was wrong. (And believe me, I understand the feeling of disappointment when your heroes fall from grace. I remember how I felt when I first learned that MLK, Jr., had had extra-marital affairs; when Mark McGwire’s refusal to talk about steroids pointed straight at his use of them; and when my Olympic boyfriend Michael Phelps smoked marijuana at a frat party. It hurts when someone you think the world of disappoints you. But that doesn’t mean you IGNORE it.)

• On a happier note, I’m going to Missouri this weekend to see the family. My brother is officiating a wedding on Saturday, so I’m going to that and may have been roped into helping serve at the reception. I also expect to spend some quality time with the nephew.

• I finished Made in the U.S.A. by Billie Letts yesterday. Basically, I hated the first half of this book and one of the main characters and the sleazy, immoral decisions she makes in order to support herself and her brother when they’re living on the streets of Las Vegas. But things turned around and the last third of the book was pretty good and classic Billie Letts. I do think she should have spent more time discussing Lutie’s (the character I disliked) “redemption” of sorts and how she changed from the embittered person to the one on the road to mental healthiness. Because, really, she just has one conversation with someone about the terrible things that have happened to her and the incident that made her hate herself and the world, and you don’t get over that kind of psychological hurt in just one conversation. Counseling would have been a more realistic option. . . . . Nevertheless, that book brings my current total of books I’ve read this year to 17. I need to buckle down to get to my goal of 50!
That’s it for today. Have a good one! (And if you get bored, e-mail me. I’ll do my best to entertain you.)

6 thoughts on “Dispatches!”

  1. Aahh, pay phones…how many times did we call our parents on the phone out by the concession stand? Brings back memories of the halls of BHS 🙂

  2. i totally agree with you about McNair. all i keep hearing is how he’s such a great guy blah blah blah. btw, he was a dumbass when it came to marraige.

  3. when we heard the news about McNair here in OKC they first reported it as he was found dead with his wife . . . wow was I shocked to hear it was his mistress (which is what they’re calling her here) So sad. I agree with Scott completely.

    On the book end (ha ha, get it?) I am about to embark on another journey with Fanny Flagg – author of Fried Green Tomatoes. I’ll be reading Daisy Mae and the Miracle Man. Fanny’s pretty fun to read, especially if you like stories about the South.

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