Why, hello, Thursday! I’m so happy to see you, only if it means the weekend is approaching!

And in celebration, let’s do some dispatches! Excited? You should be!

• I bought some new kind of coffee and today was my first day to grind and brew it. The verdict? It’s gross. I should have paid more attention when picking out the beans. I’m not even sure what roast it’s supposed to be. It’s just. . . not good. I feel a coffee emergency coming on.

• Ever gotten griped at or in trouble for something at work that you think is stupid? Yeah, that happened to me this week. I got an email lecture about needing to keep a handle on expenses because I ordered magazines for a focus group next week and they had to be rush ordered. It cost a whopping $5 more than the regular price. I understand the need to be good stewards, probably better than a lot of people here. I don’t waste the company money. I buy all my own office supplies because things got SO tight here that in order to get what I needed or wanted, it was easier to just go buy it myself. So when I got that email (to me and two other people but I was the only one publicly chastised) I wasn’t very happy. I’m still not overly thrilled, but am trying to let it go.

• Speaking of focus groups, I leave for Greenville, SC, on Sunday afternoon. And we’re driving. Me, my project leader Mike, and coworker Emily. I’ve told Mike that Emily and I are going to do sing-alongs and/or sit in the back and make him be our chauffuer. I don’t think he appreciated either suggestion.

• The other day, I got a comment on my FB status from my friend Alisha who is in Ireland for work/fun right now. She’s my once-a-week running buddy. She seemed surprised that I was continuing to run without her (honestly, I am, too!) and then said that she’d run alone that morning in Kilarney National Park or somesuch and it wasn’t so bad. I tried to reign in my jealousy, but it didn’t work. We must start a Get-Mandy-to-Ireland fund. I really want to go!

• The other day, I had this dream that I had a baby. He was a cute little boy and had a name, but I can’t recall it. The whole dream consisted of me riding the elevator to the 20th floor of a building that’s in the complex of buildings I work in. (There is no 20th floor in real life.) Another passenger on the elevator was my friend Dawn, who remarkably IS pregnant in real life. Maybe that’s the cause for the weird dream. Also in this dream: my brother and SIL had a baby, but it wasn’t Eli. They had a girl and she was magically about 18 months old. WEIRD DREAM!

• Could someone come by my office today and wake me up? I took a Zyrtec last night before I went to sleep because of some coughing/allergy issues. As a result, I could have slept for about 14 more hours. Or at least a couple more.

• The Cards are at the top of the MLB Central Division, but lost to the METS! 11-0 last night. That is not OK.

• I recently discovered (thanks to a FB ad) that Heart will be in concert at the Ryman on September 8. I’m thinking I may have to go. . . .and that I’ve just found Mindy’s b-day present.

Well, that’s all for today. Off to accomplish. . . something!

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