Things my dog has taught me

Really, last night/this morning is not a time I want to live again. Let’s just say my dog is really scared of storms, couldn’t sleep, so I couldn’t sleep, then she got so worked up she made herself sick. It was gross. I don’t want to talk about it and you don’t want to read about it. But I do think my dog is preparing me for the possibility that at some point in the future, I could possibly have children. And children do all kinds of gross things.

But, since Muffin the Wonder Poodle is on my mind, I felt today’s post should be dedicated to her. So, let’s discuss some of the things being her owner has taught me!

• When life gets stormy and you’re scared, it helps to snuggle up to someone who loves you. Someone who’ll protect you. Someone who has proven him/herself.


• When you feel like playing, play. When you feel like resting, rest. When you’re hungry, demand someone feed you.

• There’s a lot to see in this world. Sometimes, though, to see it you have to open your eyes, open the door, and watch.

• Patience is definitely something you learn, not something you’re born with.

• The gift of a new day should be exciting every morning.

• Self-confidence helps you get your way. A lot.

• Food looks better when you didn’t fix it.

• You should be wary of some people.

• When you love someone, let them know.

• Guests should be welcomed with fanfare and dancing. (And don’t lick their toes. They don’t like that.)

• Relaxation is a choice.

• You can work through anger without hitting other people.

• Sometimes, you should be the center of attention. Just not all the time. And you shouldn’t demand it.

• Being nice/sweet gets you further than being mean.

• Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

• When someone you love comes home, it’s OK to get excited about it. Make sure he/she notices.


2 thoughts on “Things my dog has taught me”

  1. I think owning a pet does prepare you for children. You have to think of them first almost all day, every day. They are completely dependent upon you for food, shelter, bathrooms 😉

    I love the pictures.

  2. That last picture is terrific.

    My uncle has written a little devotion book about their pomeranian Holly. You would probably get a kick out of it. 😉

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