Oh, readers! It’s been a crazy morning. There was chapel and department meeting starts in a few minutes. CRAZY, I tell you! So, let’s just get on with the show. It’s time for your weekly dose of “Dispatches.” (Don’t whine. You know you love it. And me. Because you HAVE to!)

• There’s this little convenience store/gas station I like to stop at on my way home after running at Concord Park. I was REALLY thirsty after yesterday’s 4 mile run, so I stopped in. OK, this store is just a few miles from where I ran. Maybe even just a  mile or so. So, when I walked in—wearing my cute running tank top and workout capris, I was still out of breath. I needed Powerade! So, I got my Powerade (tried a new flavor that wasn’t so good, but I still drank it) and went to check out. It was fun to watch the check-out guy do a double take, taking in my appearance, sweatiness, and lovely messed up ponytail. I fear he may have laughed at me after I left, but I really don’t care!

• After I got home, I drank said Powerade out of a stemmed glass. Somehow that just makes it less low-rent. I actually employ this tactic a lot. Anything seems special when you put it in a pretty glass.

• Even though I have an aversion to people I don’t know well touching me, I think I could benefit from a massage. Something weird is going on in my neck. Any takers?

• Many of you know that I’m kind of addicted to those real crime TV shows. I mean, I’ll watch TruTV all day long. Well, last night, I happened across 48 Hours Mystery. I really like this show and the way they tell the stories. It’s amazingly good storytelling that hits both sides of the case and you don’t often see that in TV reporting. Anyway, this story involved a Baptist minister under suspicion for killing his wife. There were so many red flags that went up as I watched. I got really mad at this minister! Oh, he had an answer for everything—giving his wife’s cell phone to a teenage girl, searches on his computer, why his computer was switched with his secretary’s—but I was just so disappointed and disgusted with him whether he did it or not. How in the world can we show people anything about God’s love when we claim to follow Christ and live lives that say anything but?

• We have stinking department meeting today. Bleh. My group had to bring food. And since I did not feel like baking or being nice, I’m bringing all storebought. Which I NEVER do. But, oh, well, I guess they’ll have to live with it. Because I don’t care!

• Yesterday, when I was running through the trails at Concord Park, I had the strange desire to simply stop and pick flowers. It’s really beautiful right now, with clover, little daisy flowers and some pinky, purple blooms I couldn’t identify all on display. But I knew the moment I picked those wildflowers, they’d lose some of their glory. Oh, I love flowers. I like having cut flowers in my house. Right now, I have a few springs of lavender in a vase on my nightstand. But when they’re wild like that, it almost seems a shame to take them out of their natural habitat! Yet, I still wanted to pick the pretty flowers and take them home with me. Like when I was little and I’d pick my  mom bouquets of buttercups and this purple blooming weed. She knew it was a weed, but I didn’t. Even so, she’d always thank me for the gift and put them in a tiny heart-shaped bud vase she kept on the kitchen windowsill—because I thought even the weeds were beautiful and she thought a gift from me was beautiful.

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy Wednesday. Let’s get to work!


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