Since “American Idol” is over (sigh), Dispatches has moved back to Wednesday. And the middle of your week just got BETTER! (At least pretend it did. Humor me. My self-esteem hangs in the balance—OK, not really. . . )

Anyway, random rambling aside, here we go:

• I watched the movie “He’s Just Not that into You” last night. I really don’t have all that much to say about it except that it was a huge ensemble cast and I sort of had trouble keeping up with everyone’s names. Really, the only characters I truly cared about were Gigi and that dude played by Justin Long. Because I kind of sort of love Justin Long. I mean, he’ll always be Warren Cheswick from the TV show “Ed,” which I also loved. I mean, Stuckeyville, Carol Vessey, bowling alleys, and Tom Cavanaugh? What’s not to like? I sort of still love Tom Cavanaugh. I even tried to watch that show he had on TNT (I think) this winter about ad agencies. While he was great, the show was terrible. I couldn’t stomach it. But, “Ed,” yeah, I loved that show. I really should look into getting it on DVD. And, by the way, Justin Long is the same age as me. Actually, he’s 4 months older than me. Which is weird for me because as Warren Cheswick, he played a high school student and in my mind, that was how old he was. In other discussion about the movie, I thought that the pairing of Jennifer Connoly and Bradley Cooper as a married couple was weird. She seems too old for him. But that may also be because of Cooper’s former role as the beloved Will Tippin on Alias. Sigh, all the shows I’ve loved before.

• I would like to teach the world—or at least Nashville drivers—that turn signals are good little inventions. Particularly the guy on Nolensville Road this morning who gave me “the stare” this morning when I was trying to get into the turning lane. Dude, I don’t know what you want to do if you don’t use your blinker. I can’t read your mind and know that you want to be in the turning lane, too. So just back off and learn the basic courtesies of driving!

• Yesterday at the Y, I decided to get a little adventurous and do a few exercises with free weights. Some of you know that I used to do a lot of exercises with weights and have a whole set of little dumbbells at home (3 to 10 pounds). Well, I haven’t done that much lately and my arms are a little sore today. And I didn’t even lift heavy weights! I am a weakling.

• I’ve been hearing on Lightning 100 that Kings of Leon is in concert at the Sommet Center on October 16. I kind of want to go. Just to hear them sing “Sex on Fire.” I can’t even explain why.

• It’s haircut day. Suggestions?

• I slept with my window open last night. I love doing this, but I think that since I’ve lived in Nashville, I’ve developed allergies or something. I woke up with swollen eyelids. They look better now, but wow, I was CUTE for awhile.

• I am working at home on Friday! Yay! I foresee making some progress with no interruptions!

I hope you all have a happy Wednesday. I’m off to work. And you know, check my e-mail. (I like to ease into work. . . )

5 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. I’ve got Jason watching Alias, but I have to hold my tongue when Will comes on – he’s just SOOO cute!

    And in Indiana, no one uses their blinkers. It was very annoying.

    As for haircut suggestions, I like the long layers idea. I can almost visualize it, and I think it will work well for you…

  2. I thought we were going the next week. . . .
    Actually, I couldn’t remember what dates we decided. I want to schedule that trip. I’ve been telling people I was going and don’t want to be a liar!

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